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    Mad River Slipper vs Liberty?

    Slipper was a Bob Brown design closely related to the CJ Solo and Bell’s Creek Runner. Zero rocker as was often the misguided norm in the old days. It had 1/2” of rocker, ie .25 each side liberty was a Jim Henry design, effected by taking half a foot out of an Independence. Liberty was the...
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    Wanting a solo canoe

    Tru. One of the issues with splashing a mold from an existing hull is the tendency for the mold’s weight to flatten its own bottom.
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    Wanting a solo canoe

    Didn't Glen just post a piece on Yost'd Solo trippers? Peregrine is a copy of the Curtis Nomad, NS Solo is a lengthened variant. Swift's Keewaydin is the most recent design; basically all the same boat whis handles kneeling wi5th a straight shaft and sitting with a bent pretty well. Magic...
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    A History of David Yost's Solo Tripping Canoes by Charlie Wilson

    Two points: It is a draft document, and I have started to include recent delta designs in the text and charts, but have excluded out of production hulls; hence no SummerSong, ShockWave, DY Special, or Solo Tripper for that matter. Should also remove the Colden Nomad as the mold has been chain...
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    Starting From Scratch: My Solo Canoe Shortlist

    Parochialism, in sports teams, government or canoe selection should be eschewed as, at least, embarrassingly unintellectual bias. I'm jumping in late, so just a couple random thoughts. There is lots of confusion, about Yost's small and large solo trippers. Vagabond, Kestrel, Loon, Placid...
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    Who's going to Paddlefest in Old Forge?

    I'll be there, on the beach Friday and Saturday with Swift Canoe and Kayak test paddling, then back at the shop Sundat to escape the joy riders. We'll have a carbon/Innegra TeXtreme 16 foot tandem canoe with integral rails and all carbon trim on the water as a tester.
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    ​Composite boats, gel coat and spider cracks?

    Gel coat can be had with differing amounts of flexors in the compound. The highest flex gel is always a little dull to the eye, so there's the tradeoff.
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    Composite Canoe Build

    Quite a lot of effort for just two canoes! Great infusion work, but consider release treated peel ply for next one, it's well worth the doubled price. For perspective, Swift's 18.5'/222in/564cm Keewaydin, a sleeker hull, demolds at ~ 35 lbs in infused Kevlar, 32 in carbon. Rails are integral...
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    ​Which modern materials layup?

    With Innegra S probably not, with co-mingled H and combined weave S probably so. I'm waiting on test data from Innegra. Of note, Nova Craft and Swift will both be displaying at Canoecopia in Madison; a good chance to see what a couple infusion builders are doing with the fabric[s].
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    ​Which modern materials layup?

    Innegra Overview Innegra is a high density polypropylene; an aromatic polyethylene. It has very low specific weight and low tensile strength and modulus mechanicals combined with high elongation to failure. Innegra lowers fabric weight and increases resistance to flexural failure. Compared...
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    ​Which modern materials layup?

    Right you are Brian; I'm going back through my data, several books and more papers. Innegra has claimed to be a HDPE, and an Olefinic PolyPro, which does not make UHDPE a PP. When I started looking at Innegra they had a SG of .64, then .84 and now .91. Slippery stuff in more than one way...
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    ​Which modern materials layup?

    Mike; Is it the DY Solo Tripper things you want?
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    ​Which modern materials layup?

    Wow! The history of lighter boats zigzags along a more or less straight line. Starting with hand laid fiberglass, an all-fabric 16 foot canoe weighed about 60 lbs in the early 70s. Foam cores replacing fabric partials improved weight close to 15% but, at first, not the durability. Foam has...
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    Composite Canoe Build

    Core Craft of Minnesota made a tri keeled chopper gun boat with Composite roll over rails. Industry tooling guys sand out to 1500 grit before going to 3 M's three step Rub compound, buffing, machine glaze. That perfect mold surface translates into, hopefully, flawless hulls out of the mold...
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    boat advice: solo canoe for 1-2 week river trips?

    There are several solo boats that will cart enough gear for two weeks, but because you want to sit we need err towards wider ones. DragonFly and SRT are narrow with rounder bottoms and Supernova also has a round bottom, not exactly what sitters feel most comfortable in. Wilderness, Northstar...