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    gelcoat cleanup

    Yeah, that's a skin coat not gel coat. Can you find out from the manufacturer whether they are using polyester, vinyl ester or epoxy? Light sanding and a coat of whatever it was made with would be best. I would never varnish a hull composite hull.
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    Canoe seat pads

    I just cut a foam mat to fit and it's held on with my Frost River seat pack.
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    First solo canoe and solo safety

    The past few years I've taken a number of group "solo" trips to the BWCA. Usually consists of 3 or 4 folks all paddling solo canoes but camping together. We all pack like we're on a solo trip, do whatever we want during the days but camp together in the evenings. I've found this a great way...
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    Supporting thwarts while varnishing

    I like your wire stands too. I never varnish, always oil.
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    Best "tea bag" coffee?

    I have tried a couple of different pour over types vs tea bag types. Haven't found one I really like but I found just the bags for sale so I'm going to try that with my own choice of coffee. I also use a Stanley french press thermos often.
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    New Guy From Indiana

    Don't give up on the BWCA - you will love it. I had to change entry points in September but did manage to go.
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    I thought it was pretty good for their 1st year back. They were more spread out because of fewer vendors and they used more of the building. Crowds weren't as large as in the past but I think they will be pleased at the turnout. The biggest 3 canoe makers (Wenonah - Northstar - Swift) seemed...
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    Pretty well attended and I see a lot of boats being sold and loaded.
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    Maple Sugar

    I start tapping next week in MN and there's nothing better and more worth it than taking your own syrup on a trip
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    Mini-, cordless Chainsaws

    Most of my trips are to the BWCA or Voyageurs National park where even electric saws aren't allowed.
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    Canoecopia 2022

    I've been a number of times, even went a couple of years as a vendor for Merrimack canoes. This year I'm taking a big leap and am doing a presentation on canoe camping with your pup. It's a great event and I'm hoping to be able to take in a bunch of the other presentations while I'm there.
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    Poll: What type of device do you mostly use to logon to CTN?

    I use my windows laptop the most but also use my windows desktop and android phone without any issues (anymore - thanks by the way for getting this all up and running on the new site)
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    Introducing myself and a new canoe shop - White Rose Canoe.

    Welcome to the forum, it's true that I was building Merrimacks but now just deliver them. Looks like we will be meeting face to face in a couple of weeks as I'll be heading your way with a delivery.
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    Poll: What do you sleep on mostly when canoe camping?

    I almost always hammock now but I do have a closed cell foam pad in it.