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Wooden paddle retailers in northern New England (Vt, NH, Me)?

Aug 1, 2023
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Where are good retailers of wooden paddles in Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine? I'm most interested in traditional styles, but open to any and all suggestions. I'm planning to stop by White Rose Canoe later this week, which looks like a great shop. Thanks!
Limited choices here in Vermont but Umiak Outdoor Outfitters in Stowe and Richmond have canoe paddles for sale. Not sure what your idea of a traditional style is but I've purchased two paddles from their shop in Stowe; single blade with Sugar Island blade shape.
@tketcham Thanks! I've actually purchased a couple of paddles from Umiak, a Bending Branches bent shaft and a Grey Owl ottertail (their Guide model). The latter is a nice design, but it's so heavily polyurethaned that I don't love paddling with it. I'd be interested in finding some Grey Owl paddles that are oiled, in real life not just online.
If you otherwise like your Grey Owl ottertail, you might want to consider sanding off the polyurethane. Some people only sand and oil the grip and lower part of the shaft for a more pleasant tactile experience but leaving the blade and part of the shaft polyurethaned for protection.
http://poleandpaddle.com in Hollis, Me

John Porter, Patten, Maine 207 267 1688

Shawn and Tenney, Orono, Maine

I have a few of John Porters paddles, he makes beavertails, otter tails, and Maine Guide paddles, reasonable prices and I even bought an unfinished paddle from him. A real nice guy.
I'd be interested in finding some Grey Owl paddles that are oiled...
I'm thinking of contacting Grey Owl and asking them if they'd build a paddle for me with polyurethane/varnish on the blade but leave the rest unfinished so I can use oil. The Grey Owl paddle I own is my favorite straight shaft paddle but has a couple of rough spots at the bottom part of the grip where they must have hung the paddle to dry. It's rather annoying while paddling so I'll have to sand off the polyurethane and refinish it with oil. I wish more paddle companies would offer unfinished grips.