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WildDirt - Adventure Snack Suggestions

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Aug 31, 2023
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https://www.wilddirt.com/ have organized these 10 snacks into 4 main groups (Eat On the Move, Hot Liquids, Quick Bites, Stop and Prepare) depending on what your needs are while on a hike.

Eat On The Move: These are the snacks that you can chew and snack on while moving.
1. Homemade Trail Mix
2. Homemade Oat bars

Hot Liquids: It's important to stay hydrated and warm from the inside out when enjoying the winter months

3. Thermos of coffee with butterscotch hard candy dropped in to melt and add calories
4. Spruce or Pine Needle Teas. Great respiratory remedy with large amounts of shikimic acid., vitamin C, antioxidants, and minerals. These plants have been a food source for first generation peoples for centuries. Buy or forage yourself but remember to always check with a local expert or consult a field guide. Know before you collect.

Quick Bites: These are foods that might take a little more preparation than a handful of granola.
5. Packet of Tuna or Chicken Rollup
6. PB and J Sandwich (cold meat like summer sausage is not suggested, gets hard

Stop and Prepare: These are hot meals that need a camp stove or are carried in a thermos and served to the crew.

7. Soup
8. Ramen
9. Instant Meal Packet
10. Savory Oatmeal
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