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Video: Mike Galt & Marilu Wilson 1991 Freestyle Routine

Glenn MacGrady

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Oct 24, 2012
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Here is a rare video I just stumbled upon: Mike Galt and Marilu Wilson performing their national championship freestyle exhibition routine in 1991 in Huntsville, Texas.

They are paddling one of Galt's Lotus Egrets, which has massive flare but not much rocker, unlike the highly turnable later tandem canoes from Tom Mackenzie's Loon Works (the wood-Ceconite Duet) and the Bell/Placid/Colden Starfire. Mike told me he originally designed the Egret as a "bird watching canoe." Sadly, all of these creative and elegant canoes are no longer in production.

Mike and Marilu are using 15° Lutra bent shaft S-blades. Note, among other tricks, how Marilu will cross-sweep right around the nose of the canoe.

Was always fun watching them. Paddled once with Marilu at Mike’s place and it was a real treat.
Who said straight keeled boats can't be turned? They are just harder to learn in! Love the zig zag pattern you can get out of momentum without paddle strokes.