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Passing the Paddle...the Journey Continues



Hello everyone,

I'm sorry that this post has been delayed but I had to attend to urgent matters that came up unexpectedly during the night.

I see that Robin has already made a post to inform you of what has happened over the past few days. For those of you who do not know me my name is Brian Darsey. I have taken over management of this forum from Robin. I am excited to be playing a small part in the preservation of this unique community. To me this is really more than just a place for people to chat about canoes. The friendly atmosphere and camaraderie that exists here makes it apparent to me that you are an extended family with a common passion. The respect that you show for one another is one of the main reasons I chose to take on this responsibility. I feel it is just that; a responsibility to you the members. I am a member of another forum not related to canoeing and the owner/manager believes that all are in debt to him for creating his forum and allowing them to participate and for just being such a swell guy. I want you all to know that I know that Canoetripping only exists because of each and every one of you, the members.

I hope I am able to serve you well and that you will bear with me as I get familiar with the administrative side of the site. Just so you are aware, I don't plan on making any major changes in the near future. I would like to come up with a logo and permanent banner picture that would represent both the high tech and the more traditional sides of our hobby but right now that's not a priority. I have asked Robin to come along side and remain as a moderator and a sounding board for me as I work to get all of my duties figured out and in order. He has graciously agreed.

I look forward to getting to know you all better in the future. You will find that I have a rather relaxed (read peaceful) personality and I do not offend easily. Not because I have the proverbial thick skin but because I have learned that you have to allow someone to offend you in order to be offended. Feel free to contact me here about anything that you feel needs to be addressed and I will do my best to see that it gets resolved in a positive manner. I look forward to serving you all!