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Northern CA

Sep 28, 2015
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Orangevale, CA
To me, fall is the best time for paddling within the 365 day paddle season around here.
Anyone live in northern California and interested in local day and possibly multi-day paddles?
I grew up in Sacramento, but left California in 1975 to accept a job in British Columbia. I wasn't a paddler when I lived in California, but on visits back home to see my father, I often thought that the Klamath would be an interesting river to paddle. Is it a good paddling River? What rivers do you paddle, or have in mind? Just curious. One often thinks about ones home town and place of upbringing.
I mostly paddle lakes and reservoirs, but the Lower American is fun, and so is the Sacramento River.
The Cosumnes and Mokelumne are nice too. And then there is the entire delta to explore. I have done some of the northern parts of the delta.
My favorite flat water is Slab Creek Reservoir near Placerville. My house-lake is Lake Natoma near Folsom. If I am not in a hurry it takes me 4 minutes to the launch ramp. :)

You must have fallen in love with BC or really dislike CA, or both. Are you more of a river paddler?
A little bit of both, Dagger. I have always pursued wilderness, and unpeopled landscapes. Canada, the world's second largest country has approximately the same population as California. And about 90 percent of Canada's population is within a hundred miles of the US border. So lots of wilderness and unpeopled landscapes.

And although I liked BC, I did not love it. As a California boy, I craved the sun. BC rained way too much for me. Kathleen and I moved to Saskatchewan in 2018 for the sun.

And you are right that we are almost exclusively River paddlers. River does all the work!