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Mississippi Age Record: 87 Days at Age 87

Glenn MacGrady

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Oct 24, 2012
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In 2015, Dale Sanders set the Guiness age record for paddling the Mississippi River 2,300 miles from source to sea at age 80. He did it in an aramid Wenonah Wilderness solo canoe. Here is a write-up after that run.

In 2020, Stan Stark beat Sanders' record by paddling the Mississippi at age 81 in a Current Designs kayak.

To get back his record, Sanders in 2022 ran the Mississippi at age 87 in 87 days. He paddled a carbon Northstar Northwind Solo canoe. As in his 2015 run, he used a spray skirt and seemed mainly to use a carbon double bladed paddle.

Here is an ARTICLE and ANOTHER about Sanders' 2022 record run plus his WEBSITE. Note that Sanders also holds several age-related hiking records.

A professional film crew accompanied Sanders on his 2022 run. Here is the trailer for the film they produced:

Mr. MacGrady……
Don’t think either one of us will make it to the age to challenge that record.