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Maiden Voyage

May 6, 2018
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East Tennessee
Took the Raven on its first camping trip to Lake James in North Carolina. Not as prestigious as Boundary Waters or the ADK, but a nice
short get away.


Loaded at the Launch ready to go.


The Raven handled the load very well. Even into a stiff breeze it tracked well and glided along.


Linville gorge. The Blue Ridge Parkway and The Appalachian Trail are up there.


Rain and wind in the evenings kept me at camp. I would do my exploring early in the morning when it was the calmest.

It was a good test for this canoe. I am very impressed with it.
I grew up fishing and boating on Lake James many years back, and have returned there not often enough. It is great to see that others are still enjoying it. Which site did you stay on the "Paddle-In Sites" at Lake James State Park? I remember the site #7 was nice.

The mountain with the steep cliff in the photo is the appropriately named "Short-Off Mountain" located at the mouth of Linville Gorge.

Congratulations on the Raven, it is a beauty! And congratulations on the maiden voyage.
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I stayed at #5. Most of the boat in sites were reserved, but most people didn't show up. 2 years ago I stayed out on the furthest end of the park. I thought most all sites were nice. Close to the water and not to on top of your neighbors. Lake James is clean looking lake. I didn't see garbage up in the cove ends, like I do on my lakes. They must have a great clean up program.

Yes the Raven is a fun boat. I liked how it handled the wind and is very responsive.