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Edited one more time, lol, to say I just checked 18 of my other trip reports on this forum using photobucket, and they are all working, so you found the dud I guess.
there is just as much chance that a forum could disappear, as in Wintertrekking and Solocanoe

I optimistically disagree. Those two sites were one man shows, which died when the one man moved on. This site has always been a collective effort. It will only die if no one volunteers to administer it. Should I suspect that would happen after me, I can sell the site to corporate administrator companies, as P.com was, who have already made bids to me.

Edited to say I just checked out photobucket and that albumn is still intact. I guess the ability to edit a post disappears with time?

I can give you temporary permission to go back indefinitely to edit and fix old pictures or posts. Others have done that. PM me if interested.
Just an FYI related to drafts: The site appears to only keep a draft for 24 hours so one must keep working on it daily. I lost internet for 48 hours over the weekend and the TR I was working on is gone. Luckily, I write it up off-site so it's just a matter of copying, pasting, reformatting for this site and uploading pictures from 4 different sources... ugh.