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Harry Rock Book and Video

Oct 22, 2014
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I'd like my copy of Harry Rock's "Canoe Poling," and video of the same name to help somebody else learn to pole. If you think you might be the one, send me a message with your address and I'll put them in the mail for you.
The book is in the mail to a recipient in Massachusetts.

While mailing, I happened to notice that the author personally signed this copy, and included his address, also in Massachusetts. Steve, I think you should look him up. I found New England polers to be a friendly group and you might get invited to join them on outings.
@Chip very nice of you to share these resources!

I'd also recommend the poling section of Garret Conover's 'Beyond the Paddle', if you can get your hands on a reasonably priced copy. They seem to be going around $50 right now, which seems pretty steep to me. After waiting and search a while I eventually found one online at Powell's books. Conover comes at poling as a Maine guide, poling 18-20ft-ers with heavy load, so quite different from Rock's slalom and race poling style. I've found both books had good tips though.

But, as many others have said, time in the boat with a pole is most useful of all.

As Chip said, the New England polers seem a friendly if rare breed. I emailed the gents listed below and got replies promptly, though it seems the poling events for this year are over.

@Pseudonym , if you ever end up poling in western Mass or CT let me know - I'm not far from the CT-MA-NY border junction.