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FREE West Virginia maps!

Sep 6, 2021
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Mount Solon, VA
Always looking to save a buck, I just stumbled upon an extensive series of free maps put out by the WV DNR. These are georeferenced PDF files and can be used with the Avenza mapping app on your smart device. They are good resources for paddling, hiking, hunting, fishing, and camping. There are many maps, and I have not inspected every one. However, they cover West Virginia wildlife management areas, many USGS quadrangles, and appear to cover all or most of many popular canoeing streams, including the New River, Potomac, South Branch of the Potomac, Greenbrier, Cheat, and Shavers Fork. These maps do not show anything in adjacent states, so quadrangle maps, for example, show parts of VA, MD, OH, and KY as terra incognita. Still, they are useful for anyone who wants to find their way around the wild and wonderful Mountain State.