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Adventure North and The Sun is a Compass are two books that I've enjoyed this winter.

Feb 26, 2021
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Gravelbourg, Saskatchewan
First of all I've really enjoyed PaddlingPitt's Franklin, Oops, Mud and Cupcake and Three Seasons in the Wind but I'm assuming everyone here is familiar with them.

Two books that I've read this winter that I've also gotten a kick out of are Adventure North and The Sun is a Compass.

Adventure North by Sean Bloomfield is the tale of 2 eighteen year olds following the same route as Eric Sevareid does in Canoeing with the Cree. They set out from Chaska Minnesota on the Minnesota River and finished at York Factory on the Hudson Bay. They weren't prepared that well and they ate a lot of pizza, but they made it anyway. Great story.

The Sun is a Compass by Caroline Van Hemert was was recently published in 2019 and chronicles a 4000 journey that she took with her husband where they start near Seattle head up the inside passage and then head inland and make their way to the Mackenzie delta, paddle along the arctic in the Beaufort Sea and then pack across the Brooks Range to Kotzebue. The adventure is absolutely epic. The book is well written and I have to say it's fantastic to have a female narrator. I highly recommend this book! Disclaimer: there is only a short section of the trip where they actually canoed.