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3 Minutes with a Maine Guide - Gear - A stern wannigan

Nice, would love to go tripping with her. Man, 3 - 4 weeks just chilling, soon, soon. Thanks for sharing a great 3 minutes with a Maine guide.
She said the wannigan was made to go under the handle in an old town tripper or camper. I think this makes a lot of sense if you are rigged solo and trying to balance weight. I can't see it in the picture of the loaded canoe.

I'm curious about the seal too, but I can't make out the details in the video.

There are people who build storage floatation into the ends of canoes. Like this: https://skyaboveus.com/water-sports/Canoe-Flotation-Chambers.

I thought I saw an end-shaped ABS container with a round watertight hatch once, but I don't see any for sale now.