2011 tripping plans



I will be going to Lake Lila in the Adirondacks next weekend. I am planning two nights there with a hike up MT. Fredericka, then a portage to Lows Lake, two nights there and then back to Lila for a final night.
Feb 29, 2012
Schenectady, NY
Yo yo yo Willis,

Want to update this thread to read "2012 tripping plans"?
I have an early season trip planned with the usual gang to McCrorie Lake and a downstream paddle of Big Brook. I've had my eye on Big Brook for years, and the opportunity never seemed to present itself.
Also, a long day trip to the upper, Upper Jessup.
Another trip planned for the lower Bog, from Low's Lower Dam down to Bog River Falls.
And my son and nephew insist on a return trip to Fish Pond.
Then there's the "guy" trip to Shallow Lake and as much of Sucker as possible.

There's also family camping at Harris Lake and a cop out carriage ride in and out of Newcomb Lake for 3 days with the family...grandkids and all (nearly 3 and under 12 months).

And then there's the wish list:
Cedar River-Rock River loop.
Return to Witchhopple and new visit to Beaverdam and Little Rock ponds.