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    Lost (misplaced) a tool

    Rant: Camping stuff ought to always be ORANGE. But it's too often black. I have lost my black Dromedary more than once and had to paddle five miles back to get it at the end of the portage ( I did not realize it was missing till we set up camp in Wabakimi), Those are expensive enough not to...
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    Hi from upstate South Carolina

    Upcountry speech is unique. I was sitting with a friend in a diner in Anderson . She had lived there two years. The server asked me three times what I wanted to drink..The first two times I had NO idea what the server was saying. My friend " interpreted". What do you want to drink? The...
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    have to learn the Siberian hitch tonight.. Looks very useful; that first tie around a trunk is a bear sometimes for me with a bowline.
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    if you are teaching , don't slay them with a lot of arcane ones. We taught knots at Maine Canoe Symposium and quickly learned that the eight knots we had planned for 75 minutes dissolved into barely mastering the square knot. One. Half hitches, tautline hitch, truckers hitch, bowline, square...
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    Most hull abusive trips?

    Doug you missed the rapids called the Hulling Machine on the E branch of the Penobscot. Another called Haskell Rock Rapids. Grindstone is aptly named. Some of these are shale ledges. Arrowheads are flinted from shale.. Just saying... The Penobscot by the Old Town Factory has a lot of these...
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    Wenonah Canak

    Well we do here too but back in 2012 I thought it was tasty Now our palates have become more discerning For beer. Most of us. There are BL slurpers still Wine . Dont waste a bunch of money on that A 75 buck bottle tastes just like a nine buck bottle to me A tip of the Foundation Burnside to you
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    What went wrong?

    I have never ever ordered takeout mashed potatoes. Am I missing something? Takeout anything is cold as the nearest takeout is 35 min away.
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    Furthest you have carried to launch a canoe?

    o my.. My day trips involve walking out the front door down our right of way. 700 feet. Pick up the canoe off the rack and carry it 40 feet. Plop. in the drink off the dock.
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    Wenonah Canak

    Maybe. Pack canoes usually come with adjustable footbraces, not all though. I have a Monarch and the seat goes up and down but doesn't slide. Yes it is a terrific boat. You can't have it till I die. You know we are going down the rabbit hole of what's a canoe and what's a kayak? this calls...
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    Should you have to pay the costs of a rescue?

    I doubt the family will be billed as a matter of compassion but its NH law that you can be assessed for rescue costs if you are found negligent in preparation. That has been on the books for many years.
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    Wenonah Canak

    Wenonah came out with the Canyak just as the popularity of Adirondack pack canoes was taking off. Pack canoes in wooden form have been around for 140 years but if you aren't from the area, they were an anomaly. With the advent of carbon fiber and kevlar making lightweight pack canoes...
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    Should you have to pay the costs of a rescue?

    Not sure why a hip replacement would require no climbing. I have a hip replacement. Its three years old. I hike the Whites though not at high elevations and I fall. My bionic hip is stronger than the other one.. I have my drs blessing to ski too. I have taken some good tumbles on my bike...
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    Used vs new - price and value

    I think that answer ought to be no unless the design is a well regarded one , discontinued and the condition mint. The price sought is not always the price settled on. There is a bit more to it though. Some of the older boats were more robustly laid up, with more fabric in crucial areas. There...
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    Should you have to pay the costs of a rescue?

    Sigh. I know the solstice is soon but seems some still ignore the forecasts, with fatal outcomes. Is the Weather Channel making people blase?
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    Just joined from Texas

    I would love to hear of Texas trips.. Those that do not involve self frying in the heat that is. We still have early spring conditions while you are baking.