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    MAS epoxy

    I am using MAS on my skiff build, which has not yet been banged over rocks. I have used it on other boat parts over the years and have found it to be easy to work with and reliable. MAS is the primary epoxy included in Chesapeake Light Craft kits. It is a quality product. There are two...
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    Stambaugh Sailing Skiff Build in Virginia Mountains

    Stripperguy, this is a small unballasted boat, and so could be classified as a dinghy as well. "Skiff" is a designation applied to various boats, but traditionally a skiff is a flat-bottomed rowboat. Webster's says: "Middle English skif, from Middle French or Old Italian; Middle French...
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    Stambaugh Sailing Skiff Build in Virginia Mountains

    A water level is really simple, Glenn. It's just a hose with one end fixed; in my first photo that's the tube with the blue tape. The water at the other end of the hose will always be at the same height as the water in the fixed end. Water levels are simple, inexpensive, and accurate. They...
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    Stambaugh Sailing Skiff Build in Virginia Mountains

    I have not updated in a while. To lay out the waterline, I made a water level using clear vinyl tubing..... ....then connected the dots using a piece of vinyl molding as a batten. Warning! Do not use "permanent" double sided carpet tape to attach temporary battens to your hull! The...
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    Arthritis is Handy

    I have rheumatoid and osteo arthritis in both hands, mainly in my knuckles and my right thumb. Also in my younger days I could not keep sharp objects away from my left hand, so there are traumatic injuries as well as degenerative disease. Physical therapy is slowly improving my strength and...
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    Recycling Plastic Watercraft

    I faced this problem last summer, when a vehicle burst into flames and two Royalex canoes stored nearby were melted. This adventure resulted in a yet-to-be-published article for my canoe club newsletter. There are no good answers at this time. Because Royalex is a sandwich of different...
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    17' Chestnut Prospector

    Just wonderful, Robin!
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    What was the worst canoe you ever owned or paddled?

    Around 1972, I saw a classified ad for a partly completed canoe kit. The seller's son had started building the boat, but abandoned it before getting very far. Among the defects was a broken keel timber. I repaired the keel by sawing out the broken part and attaching two pieces of scrap lumber...
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    Anyone Have a Esquif Prospecteur Sport?

    I will amend what I said above about solo paddling my Prospecteur Sport after a little more experience with it. I did not have difficulty on a lake with 8-12 mph winds a couple weeks ago. I did find it helpful to paddle on the lee side when quartering into the stronger gusts, but that was only...
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    Richmond, VA river accidents

    Journalists don't always understand our sport, Erica. The first report I read referred to the victims as "kayakers." If you look closely at the aerial photo of the dam, there appear to be a kayak, a paddleboard, and an inner-tube-like object trapped in the backwash. I think the last of these...
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    Richmond, VA river accidents

    12 paddlers were involved in an accident on the James River on Memorial Day. They were swept over a low head dam in high water. 10 of the paddlers were rescued. One woman's body was recovered on Wednesday, but a second woman has not been found. The river gauge was at 9 feet, or over 20,000...
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    Stambaugh Sailing Skiff Build in Virginia Mountains

    Painting at last! Second coat of primer today; seems to hide a multitude of sins.
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    Stambaugh Sailing Skiff Build in Virginia Mountains

    Way cool, Stripperguy! Your workmanship is much better than mine.
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    Stambaugh Sailing Skiff Build in Virginia Mountains

    Glass completed, and two final coats of epoxy on everything. After the epoxy cures for a week or so, I will start painting.
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    Hanging or storing a canoe off floor in a garage with vehicles

    See the second picture in #30 which shows one possible way to move the canoe and the rope out of each other's way. You will probably need more rope and pulleys. Woodpuppy's suggestion of tying off to a cleat is a good idea. Cleats are easy to make from scrap lumber, especially if you have a...