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    Food security

    I have a barrel that I keep my food in, that I move to a corner of the site at night, and place cookware on top. On the Allagash, we jam the coolers under the table. All that and we work hard to keep the site clean So far no problems
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    Canoe Maintenance, once every gol dang year

    We're headed into Long Pd on Friday and on Saturday a loop out to Hoel, Polliwog, Floodwood, and back to Long, with a departure on Sunday. I'm trying to build up my 8-year-old grandson and youngest son and wife's paddling skills for an Allagash Run in the next two years. They're CT City folk...
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    Canoe Maintenance, once every gol dang year

    I went to the hardware store to get some 303 to finish the job. The boats are loaded
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    Canoe Maintenance, once every gol dang year

    +1 on the Nice Fleet I spent the morning pulling the fleet out of the upper barn and washing it for the annual family weekend paddle up in St Regis Canoe Area
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    Lights for Tripping

    I just carry a spare battery for my Fenix and the Lucis are light, but I don't bring them until this time of year when it gets dark early
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    Lights for Tripping

    A Fenix Headlamp and Luici(s). I/we don't do a lot of night operations
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    Maine somewhere.

    I just got back from Clamberlian and Eagles Lakes, Water levels are high, and no bugs, have a great trip
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    Pack Weight Ratios

    Or not
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    Laughter is the best medicine

    Can Spam be far behind?
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    Poll: How much is your spouse or SO interested in canoeing compared to you?

    She said she didn't like the whole paddle, setup/take down, paddle thing, so I tried A Base Camp trip with her daughters, but that didn't work either. She doesn't like all the downtime in camp. I love to solo and she loves the time alone at home. She has two requests First I bring my Garmin...
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    What was the worst canoe you ever owned or paddled?

    A 'White' "Allagash"? Very shallow at the center that took on a lot of water. I sold it as soon as I got back and bought a new Spirit II
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    Free Satellite Imagery Sources

    I found this while scrolling Youtube
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    This showed up on Youtube this month
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    Spirit II vs. Prospector 17

    I owned a 17' Wenonah Spirit II and 16' Swift Prospector and hands down, without hesitation would take the Prospector.
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    What are you reading?

    I had to fly to SoCal last week which gave me a chance to read "Storied Lands & Waters of the Allagash Wilderness Waterway" by Bruce Jacobson. The book tells the stories of the AWW, inventorying the assets that are in the Waterway, talks about how to improve those assets, and designs future...