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    Epoxy filler for paddle edging

    I hadn’t thought of this til just now, but a nearly indestructible tip could be fashioned from an epoxy/Dynel layup. Strength is generally not an issue, especially if the entire blade and tip will be laminated in glass/favorite fiber. A Dynel tip would likely outlive any paddle, and could be...
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    Electrical device you are most likely and least likely to eliminate

    Glenn, For many years I used a Nikon FM2, which you may guess by the model name is a fully mechanical, fully manual 35mm SLR film camera. That series of Nikon is still in demand even today. For 20 years before that, I used a Pentax MX, another fully manual, fully mechanical SLR film camera. I...
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    Epoxy filler for paddle edging

    I use phenolic sheet cut to fit for most of my paddle tip protection needs. I epoxy the tips on with Cabosil thickened epoxy from RAKA, I do not use any West System products. The last batch of paddles that I built, I used 2 oz cloth on both blade faces, and also wrapped the 2 oz around the...
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    Electrical device you are most likely and least likely to eliminate

    Hmmmm, I’ll need to split my response based on a day trip or longer trips with camping required. Day trips I can do without anything but my Nikon DSLR, it’s bulky, heavy and relatively fragile, but I wouldn’t want to leave it home. Most easily left home is my cell phone. For longer trips with...
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    Stambaugh Sailing Skiff Build in Virginia Mountains

    Hey U, I had to look up what a sheer strake is... My sailboat build was a dinghy, a term which I suppose applies to nearly any live ballsated small sailboat. What makes your boat a skiff? And how will the sails be rigged? BTW, it does look very nice.
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    First stripper build: Prospector-16 Help & comments appreciated

    Do you have other strips that match more closely? If so, just rip out those couple that offend you and replace them. Myself, I don’t bother to match patterns or colors of strips, the randomness develops a pattern of its own naturally. Even so, you’ll only notice it for the first week that you...
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    Solo canoe design recommendation for small paddler

    I was and remain a welterweight (146 limit) and often paddle my Kite on day trips with minimal loads. My daypack on such days is generally around 10 lbs, so under 160 total on day trips. On bigger water with wind, I need to take advantage of my adjustable seat as well as strategically maneuver...
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    Greetings from Down Under…

    Hi Spike, Too cool that you're from down under and end up here! I have too many questions... How hard was it to find/buy a Wenonah over there? Is paddling a popular activity? I spend most of my paddling and camping in the Adirondack Park in upstate New York, we have very limited number of...
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    First stripper build: Prospector-16 Help & comments appreciated

    I’ve used a jig saw, circular saw, utility knife with straight edge, my preference is a cordless trim saw. I cut just off the line, and finish/ straighten the line with some 32 or 40 grit stapled around an 18” long chunk of hardwood. I believe it’s important to keep that seam very straight...
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    Photo of the day

    Lake Lila, boats in waiting
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    Energy Drinks Don't Work

    Patrick, In 1986, I was in my 4th year of commuting to work. On April 1st I was run over from behind by a dude in a pick up truck, speed limit there was 40 mph, rarely observed. My lower left leg was snapped in half, with open fractures, right fibula broken, pelvis broken in three places, a few...
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    Energy Drinks Don't Work

    In addition to paddling and tripping, I’m also an avid cyclist. The amount of trash I see along the roadsides is appalling. Why the litterers don’t just keep trash in the car til they reach a suitable place to toss is beyond me. Bottles, cans, wrappers, a bit of everything, deposit or not. A...
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    At 66 years old now, I fully realize that some of my hobbies/activities have to be scaled back. As such, I have been paring down my older equipment in favor of lighter weight stuff. However, I refuse to replace my full Ti framed road bike that I built in 2004, I still ride 100 miles per week. I...
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    Poll: How much is your spouse or SO interested in canoeing compared to you?

    Survey says canoeing interest, so I’ll put MDB at about 80%. She paddled and wilderness camped with me and our paddle/camping friends for many years. In fact, it was on a multi day trip in the ADK’s that she declared her love for me, I was already there a year earlier. After 45 years of marital...
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    What was the worst canoe you ever owned or paddled?

    Haha, Russ, Sportspals we’re just as terrible as my first canoe. Or should I say half of a canoe, I chipped in with my father for a Radisson (ugly twin of the sports pal). He loved it for fishing. MDB and I called it “The Cork” for its poor handling in waves and the fact that it went as fast...