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    GRB Classic XL Yoke

    I hope that you enjoy your XL as much as I do mine. When I first got mine it seemed a bit tender too, but as I put in a bit of time the stability seemed better. Maybe narrowing the envelope made me a better paddler, or at least that is what I'm telling myself. I did note that adding 50 or so...
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    GRB Classic XL Yoke

    Here are the photos. I used mahogany for the yoke, an old set of pads and hardware scavenged from another portage yoke. I hope this helps. The GRB is a great boat on the water: smooth, fast and can carry a solo tripper's load. I took mine to the Adirondacks this June (see the trip report) and...
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    GRB Classic XL Yoke

    I made one for my Classic XL. My usual solo canoe portage yoke was to large for the narrow gunnels. The lack of outwales worried me a bit, so I cut grooves in the yoke to match the hull and inwales, the added my clamps. I also marked on the inwales the balance point, so I can position it...
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    Article: How to Size a Canoe Paddle

    Yep, if I'm in whitewater, I want the boat to MOVE when I move.
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    Article: How to Size a Canoe Paddle

    A tip of the hat to Marc for writing the article and to Glenn for posting it here. I agree that the shaft length is the most important measurement in sizing a paddle, but nothing can beat actually trying the paddle out in the canoe that it will be used. Remember that Marc is writing about...
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    Mad River canoes no longer being produced

    Mad River Canoes; another loss from the Corporate mentality. This is a message to the small businesses out there: If you care about your product, keep making it yourself. Once it is sold to a corporation who cares nothing about the product, valuing only the bottom line and return to investors...
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    Canoe Seal Launch

    Ya can't fix stupid. They eventually take care of that problem themselves.
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    Snake ID

    Not a Copperhead. The back patterns are way too small and delicate for either an Eastern or Northern Copperhead. Pretty snake though.
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    What was the worst canoe you ever owned or paddled?

    I wonder how many paddlers were introduced to the joys of canoeing by a Coleman canoe and how many others turned away from canoeing because of them. I remember a love/hate relationship with mine. It got me on the water but it was hard to get to, and across, the water.
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    Outside canoe rack

    Nice looking rack. It looks like it could hold another crossbar if you fleet continues to grow. I am "temporarily" beyond my rack capacity and will have to increase my rack space or sell another boat.
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    Tilley Hats

    Thanks to all for your replies and suggestions. I will start checking at some of the local small outdoor outfitters and then move my search on to some of the larger big box stores. It is nice to know that some old stock may still be out there. Let the quest begin!
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    Tilley Hats

    I really like the traditional style of my old Tilley Airflow hat. If I find that the quality of the Chinese made hat equals that of the Canadian made hat I will have no problem purchasing a new one. I just have had quality issues with other "traditional" North American manufacturers who...
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    Tilley Hats

    It is a sad day when an old and treasured piece of gear goes missing. That day came last week when my Canadian made Tilley Airflow warm weather hat was lost. I looked at their website to determine which model I had and found that Tilley Hats are no longer made in Canada but in China. My...
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    Bell Yellowstone for Sale

    SOLD 7-24-22
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    Picked up a Curtis Nomad 2 weeks ago.

    Bell made some great boats. We don't see too much of a choice down here in the south either; mostly aluminum or poly canoes for hauling your beer down the river. Sometime you hear "Where's your motor?" as you paddle upstream. We're both not as lucky as the North-East or Upper Mid-West in...