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    Paddle mod / make it my own

    I love what you are doing to that Clement- actually turning it into a paddle! We have a number of old Clements up at the cottage sitting in racks- we call them oars. No one will ever choose them for a canoe trip; most use they ever get is as spares in one of the motorboats. Thin the shaft...
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    17' Chestnut Prospector

    Hi Robin, Just seeing this thread now. Congrats on the new boat! I feel your pain when it comes to carrying this model- my 16' foot Prospector weighs 85lb dry. It is not an easy carry... Mine is 1971 vintage with standard keel; the planking and ribs look very similar condition-both were well...
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    Wood paddles - which style and maker do you like?

    Tsuga8, Was the paddle you tried a Cherry paddle? Or some other heavier wood? Mine is light and agile- 'heavy and clubbish' are about the furthest thing away from describing its feel. I do agree that it cuts like butter- using it for the "Canadian" stroke is a dream. Bruce
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    Wood paddles - which style and maker do you like?

    I'm late to the party but will still chime in. I'm a fan of Ray Kettlewell paddles, now manufactured by Fishell as the Ray Special. That said, i recently picked up an oiled cherry Hunter and Harris Ottertail and I must admit it is now my go to paddle in most situations. Check them out...
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    What is the Proper Way to Solo Paddle a Tandem Canoe?

    "Lively Feel"!😃😃😃
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    Paddling into the future: Restoring the legendary Chestnut canoe for a new generation

    Yup- hardly Cadillacs or meticulously made. And I take issue with claim they were not "mass produced". They were indeed mass produced, just not in a sterile 21st century way... None of that takes away from the beauty and delight of cedar canvas canoes- especially Chestnuts. I love 'em and I'll...
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    Canoe hauling

    Roybrew, Before relocating to Ontario, I used to "borrow" my Dads 2016 Outback with factory cross rails whenever I needed canoe transport in province, and that including hauling my Chestnut Prospector to Peterborough for the annual Wooden Canoe Heritage Association assembly in 2018. The...
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    Land of Light - Canada's Northern Oasis

    That's a Canada Jay, Michael...:) https://www.audubon.org/news/the-gray-jay-will-officially-be-called-canada-jay-again Love your stories and slides as always- many thanks for continued sharing. Bruce
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    Poll: What type of vehicle is your usual canoe vehicle currently?

    2004 BMW 330i, Thule bars with Malone Big Foot car rack. Bruce
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    Wood canvas canoe gathering?

    Robin, Going by the responses so far, I'd suggest this idea has momentum! I really like the idea- and am trying to decide in advance which vessel (Pal, Prospector or Bobs?) to bring- but the reality is that I'm reluctant to commit to anything right now as we navigate the latest grim COVID...
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    Wood canvas canoe gathering?

    These things are always hard to coordinate but worth a try. A bunch of wood canvas canoes together would be epic. Not wilderness camping but... the Wooden Canoe Heritage Association Assembly is in Paul Smith's College of the Adirondacks next July 12th to 17th...always dozens of wooden canoes...
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    Not quite the BWCA

    Woo hoo first post on the “new” site- thanks to all for your hard work behind the scenes to bring us back! Way off paddling topics but I’d really like to know about the map board posted in original post. Who the devil measures portages in rods? As a surveyor I’m used to seeing all kinds of...
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    Canoetripping Donation Procedure Info

    Moi aussi- no problems with PayPal on this end. Thanks Dave- and your predecessors- for all the hard work in making this site work as well as it does! Cheers! Bruce
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    Photos of Portage / Canoe Carry Signs

    Responding to PPine's comment, while it doesn't quite match Glenn's sign above the Raquette Falls, I've always liked this one at the Isaac Falls in Bowron Provincial Park in BC. I think I know why it is signed that way... Bruce
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    New canoe shop

    Wow! Do you offer consulting rates? I'm still planning my "garage" for our new home in Peterborough cause it doesn't have one and my wife thinks we need a place to store cars in a Canadian Winter. I'm thinking canoe storage and workshop, Baby! And looking at your setup I am supremely jealous...