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    St Regis Canoe Area, NY ADKs - asking for tips and advice

    Thanks, good advice so far! Patrick, I did read your thread and it was a great report. When my friend mentioned going the St Regis Canoe Area, I already knew a little about the area and said yes right away. There is only the 2 of us going, so we don’t need a big campsite, but we do want a...
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    St Regis Canoe Area, NY ADKs - asking for tips and advice

    Hello all, Your resident camping/canoeing newbie asking for advice and tips for a three night trip to the St Regis Canoe Area in NYS ADK Park in a couple of weeks. Our current plan is to use the Hoel Pond Boat Launch and canoe into the Turtle Pond and/or Slag Pond area to set up camp. We...
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    Post-Migration Fund Raiser is On: Please Contribute!

    Donation sent via PayPal but I may have not properly selected the Friends and Family….sorry!
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    Not Maine but nice plan B, ADK Low’s Lake

    Great report and commentary from others and so timely for me - I am planning another trip in that area, just not sure of the exact destination yet - and Low's Lake is on our short list.
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    Nova Craft Royalex Canoe (asking for opinions)

    All I had to read was that PaddlingPitt AKA Michael and Kathleen used this boat for many years. I picked it up this morning and have it in my barn. The wood could use a sanding and recoat, and the wicker seems a bit fragile. I can handle the wood part of it, how should I address the wicker...
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    Nova Craft Royalex Canoe (asking for opinions)

    https://syracuse.craigslist.org/spo/...326905554.html Here’s something closer to home, and a better price, plus includes paddles and chairs. I don’t know enough about different canoes to know if this is a good value or not. EDIT, just noticed this is the same model boat the Glenn MacGrady...
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    Nova Craft Royalex Canoe (asking for opinions)

    Thanks everyone! I am going to cross this one off my list and keep my eyes and ears open for something that I can use for 2 people and a lot of gear for the annual hunting, fishing, hiking, camping trip, plus a little moving water capability for some other trips not yet determined.
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    Nova Craft Royalex Canoe (asking for opinions)

    There is a Craigslist posting in my area for a Nova Craft Royalex canoe which looks to be in excellent shape, which has been listed for more than a few weeks. I currently have a Grumman aluminum canoe which mostly serves as a duck hunting boat. I’d like something for lake use and possibly some...
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    What are you reading?

    Franklin, Oops, Mud & Cupcake, by Micheal Pitts. I won this in the recent fundraiser and have enjoyed the first two chapters, looking forward to the rest of the story.
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    Broke Rod

    Last year I bought a 4 piece spinning rod made by St Croix on EBay. I liked it so much, I bought another one for my friend. We both used it on our canoe trip and loved the action of the rod, the compact way it packs down and the fabric sleeve that all the parts slide into. I had a 6’ plastic...
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    What Do You Troll?

    One of my favorite lures to troll is a Storm Hot-n-Tot. Lots of wobble and fish hit it hard.
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    Canoes available in Central New York

    I check on Craigslist every once in a while to see if there is something I might be interested in. I was surprised that there were a couple of listings this week alone. As a complete novice, I have no idea what I am looking at...
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    Quality Fishing Knife

    When I saw fishing knife, i thought of these knives that I have used on some fishing trips. Handy to have and will do the trick in a pinch, but for filleting a dedicated filet knife is the way to go. The top one is made by Camillus, it came from the original plant in Upstate New York. The...
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    Death in the Wilderness: What do you do with the body?

    So far, the best suggestion I have seen is to sink the body, mark the spot and go to the takeout area. It will slow decomposition and allow the proper authorities time to return and conduct an investigation.
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    Canoetripping Donation Procedure Info

    Just pay paled to you. Not sure what the annual ask is so I did a small amount. Also, what's the raffle all about?