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    Cottage Lake clean-up "tripping"

    Not that many photos about the pole build. All I did was rip some knot-free section of spruce and then rounded them pieces out with a crooked knife. Write-up on the two-piece pole is at this link: https://paddlemaking.blogspot.com/2017/11/two-piece-wood-canoe-pole.html It was inspired by this...
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    Cottage Lake clean-up "tripping"

    Have't headed out on an over-nighter this season, but did experience a different sort of multi-day trip this summer. The previous two summers saw a record number of Canadian tourists visiting our lake area. This was understandable given all the international travel limitations during the peak...
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    2022 National Canoe Day - Sunday June 26 (Gravenhurst, Ontario)

    Here's a report from the National Canoe Day event in Gravenhurst, Ontario. Volunteers at Heritage Boatworks workshop had been working on restoring a vintage courting canoe in the museum's collection. These canoes were most often designed with seats facing each other and often were accessorised...
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    Puckerbrush Primitive Gathering, July 15-17, Columbia Falls, Maine

    Great stuff Robin! Be sure to take lots of pics. I'd like to see your setup for canvassing a canoe outdoors.
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    2022 National Canoe Day - Sunday June 26 (Gravenhurst, Ontario)

    Here is the agenda for the upcoming Canoe Day Celebrations. Hope some of the local Canoetripping.net members can swing by... 10:00 am : Official Event Start & Water Blessing Ceremony The day's festivities begin with a talk and Blessing of the Waters ceremony by Indigenous Elder and author...
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    2022 National Canoe Day - Sunday June 26 (Gravenhurst, Ontario)

    The local Canadian chapter of the Wooden Canoe Heritage Association is collaborating with the Muskoka Discovery & Steamship Centre to provide programming for National Canoe Day here in Canada. The event will run from 10am - 4pm with plenty of displays, programming and demonstrations. If weather...
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    New Christmas tree ornament: a Chestnut Chum + its restoration

    Mike Elliot's comment about the Doe is derived from Ken Solway's earlier book, The Story of the Chestnut Canoe (1997). Ken makes the general comment that the Fox / Doe / Deer are basically the 14 ft Playmate, 15 ft Chum and 16 ft Pal but with narrow 1.5" ribs ,spaced 1.5 " apart. This isn't...
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    Ball paddle grip

    I believe the Battenkill grip was used with straight shafts & wide sugar island/whitewater blades. I gave it a whirl on a maple paddle but never really got used to it. Eventually, I cut up that paddle and used the wood for another project. Thought I'd also add that some of the surviving...
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    Ball paddle grip

    Not sure if this will help your customized stroke, but here is a unique hybrid grip that you might consider experimenting with: Source: Wooden Canoe (Issue 80 - Vol. 20 No.2) It was co-developed in the '90s by Barry Beals and Jim Walker of Battenkill Canoe Ltd and is basically a fusion of a...
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    Questions about sassafras for a paddle

    I can offer some personal experience with Sassafras. Years ago, I was lucky enough to purchase some milled 5/4 boards from a fellow paddle maker located in Ohio. Since then it's been a challenge to find quality stock in my local area. I've made a bunch of paddles from it. The designs were all...
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    New Christmas tree ornament: a Chestnut Chum + its restoration

    Welcome to the Chestnut club! Were the seats kept off during extended storage? It sort of looks like the hull relaxed a bit where the seats were located. That interior patina looks quite old, unless it was stained to look that way. After '67, Chestnut widened the form on their pleasure hulls...
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    Carry bar vs sculpted portage yoke

    I read that the real reason for the carry bar is to distribute the weight of the canoe on top of the gunnel structures so that the weight is not born on the bolts attaching the center thwart. Traditionally, similar carry bars or planks were used with bark canoes which had the center thwart...
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    Photos of Animals, Fish, Birds & Bugs on a Canoe Trip

    Great Egret - Toronto Islands (Oct 2021)
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    Early Morning Birding on the Toronto Islands.

    Haven't had many paddling opportunities while being stuck in the city during Covid. Took advantage of the Canadian Thanksgiving holiday to get in an early day trip to the Toronto Islands. Not an epic backwoods trip by any means but still rewarding. Got on the water about 1/2 hour after sunrise...
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    Chestnut Model Help

    You might also want document another measurement. Take a plank of wood and lay it on top of the gunnels at the midpoint of the hull. Measure from the bottom edge of the plank to the bottom of the hull for a more accurate measure of the depth. If it is roughly 13.5" (post 1967 measurement) vs 13...