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    Sleeping Bags

    How do you keep your bags dry? January and Febuary, I'm stopping every few days to hang bags up to sun dry, if there's sun. The outer bag is soaked and frozen every morning. Is there a trick? And I use synthetic, one zero degree, one 30 degree, and wearable "woobie" bag with sleeves and hood as...
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    Dream canoe dream rigging

    Thats a gorgeous boat. I'm going to look and see how much it costs, if you can load it for a month that works, but I would feel bad dragging it over a couple hundred miles of ice. Too pretty.
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    Super bummed.

    Just can't get my weight down enough. The advertised total weight limit for the Old Town sportsman 119 is 354 pounds. I'm at 327. Thats better than last year (I was 20 pounds over) but still not good enough. I can't ditch anything else. Ill be on the Rock in Illinois, and its a fairly fast...
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    DIY bags and cases

    You can do a lot with a home machine. I've had straight stitch industrials that were really just beefy, fast machines but wouldn't go through a half inch of webbing and Cordura. My consew 206rlb 18 would, but I just didn't need a triple feed for most stuff, so I sold it. Unfortunately, now I...
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    DIY Screen tent modification

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    DIY bags and cases

    Nice sewing. Edge binding, boxed x on the webbing, no IP's...
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    General Trip Gear

    Oh, I meant construction on the trailer. Yeah, the tent is solid. Theres a segmented pole that runs underneath inside a channel. Waterproof YKK zippers. Its OK. I'm going thwartless this trip, so it feels extra roomy. Honestly, I might carry a hammock once in a while, but its so convenient to...
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    High calorie foods

    Really late reply, sorry Alan. My weight limit is the boat limit, 350-ish for the Old Town Disco 119 sport. Sort of a kayak hull, low sides. I sink just going through mild riffles, I have an inch or less to the water at the sides, with me, gear, food and dog. This trip I'm doing a different...
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    Camping in the rain

    I like bad weather alot.
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    General Trip Gear

    Got today off, because I fell about 14 feet off a plank. My shoulders hurt but not too bad, maybe ok. Have to forgive the construction, I started spending money on better gear for trips. Uh, tent is 230 denier nylon, dwr and poly coated on inside, seam sealed with that clear rubber stuff from...
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    General Trip Gear

    I'll post one here when I get a day off work. I have a new phone, all my old pics are on instagram.
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    Where do you carry your canoe trip knives and what are they?

    Everything gets attached to the dry bag. Kershaw camp 14, Bear Forest Knives Sierra Trekker, Exodus Knife and Tool Adventurecraft. Well, the adventurecraft I wear as a neck knife, under the drysuit. Next season I should have a custom machete from Bear Forest to replace the Camp 14. Just trying...
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    Carrying a gun when canoe traveling just because

    Sometimes I carry a 9mm. It depends on where I'm camping. I usually have several run ins with local police or Federal fish and game on the winter trips, so I don't carry for those trips. It wouldn't be a big deal if I did, I just want to avoid the initial conversation, no need to worry some poor...
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    General Trip Gear

    Hmmm. 2 drybags, one for stuff, one for food for me and the dog for one month. 1 30 degree bag, one zero degree bag. Tent is built onto canoe, never comes off, just unzips around the bottom and rolls up. Dry suit, 2 layers of long underwear on me, 200g insulated pants and jacket on me. 1...
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    I hate articles like this

    I own a pelican 15.5. Its been on some crazy long multiple week trips with tons of portages. And whats that river in Alabama... white river? Buffalo? Anyway its a pretty famous river with rapids. My cousin wrapped that canoe hard around a tree, like a taco. Took 3 of us and a big stick to pop...