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    How much fuel is left?

    I wondered about that myself... Maybe he never heard of Sharpies(?)
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    How much fuel is left?

    Jim, I thought, if the base of the can was traced on a paddle blade, a canoe paddle should work the same. Trick would be to get the can in the same spot every time (and, of course, take the same paddle on every trip).
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    How much fuel is left?

    I found this post on another board and thought it might be helpful to anyone here who uses backpacking stoves to cook or as back-up. If the location of the can is marked (outlined in sharpie?), the same balancing method should work with a canoe paddle instead of a hiking pole.
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    Electrical device you are most likely and least likely to eliminate

    I won't go without the inReach but that's mostly for my family's peace of mind. I could easily ditch the phone (I seek places with little or no reception anyway) except that I use it as a back-up camera. PS: electric or otherwise, I don't take a razor!
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    Snake ID

    As I get older, I tend to rely less and less on this method as I've found I need to get closer & closer to see the snake's (assumed) intent. I wind up well within striking distance before I can look 'em in the eyes.
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    Opening up Geraldton to Longlac canoe route

    Great write-up on an awesome project. Stuff like this makes me want to not just visit Ontario but also pitch in and help. (I'd offer to bring beer but I suspect I'd have to buy it North of the border or risk being sent back... maybe I should just bring SPAM instead)
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    Things that interfere with or otherwise screw up canoe trips

    Hmm... I'll bet that you did more that that... Hopefully, you delivered something that will intrigue her enough that she will learn, feel connected to her grandfather and cherish the memory far after that canoe needs refurbished again. Our actions often have a ripple effect far beyond what we...
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    Finally: Civilization Comes to Camp

    Yep. Using boiling water might really help sterilize also!
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    Onboarding from Wisconsin

    Welcome to the fire.
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    Most hull abusive trips?

    Holy crap Alan, were there any rocks that you MISSED with the second boat?!
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    Algonquin Park - Fassett Lake Loop

    Great write up. Entertaining, informative and easy to read... what more could we want? You've also done a great job on your website... there are several items I'd like to pick your brain on if you're so inclined to lend advice.
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    Most hull abusive trips?

    Very funny and very true. That's actually how I knew I was on the right track in the BWCA... lots of colors on the rocks indicated the portage was usually nearby.
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    2022 Western Pennsylvania Solo Canoe Rendezvous

    Nice. I wish I'd had a lighter work load as I didn't make it until around 9:30 Sunday morning & just about everyone was already gone. Disappointing but I'll probably try again next year.
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    Laughter is the best medicine

    Hey @Glenn MacGrady , if & when you get a minute, we need an "eye roll" emoji option for the "like" button ...
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    Cpap on trip

    At the risk of a (hopefully minor) diversion from the topic at hand: Is that 70,200 milliamp hours?! That's some serious battery pack right there! How much does the power bank weigh?