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    Furthest you have carried to launch a canoe?

    A little over 2 miles was the longest from car to put-in.
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    Hammock camper advice

    Pads moving in hammocks are usually the inflatable types. Not recommended for hammocks IMO. Inflatables main purpose is comfort, not insulation. The hammock takes care of comfort. Insulation is needed, so for pads that means open or closed cell. Open are sponges... Do not use them. Closed Cell...
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    Just joined from putnam ny

    Welcome to the virtual campfire.
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    Hammock camper advice

    It really depends on the insulating mat. A hammock does NOT require an underquilt, it requires under-insulation. Pads fit that bill. In fact when the temp goes subzero F, I use only pads, as the warmth to weight ratio is much better than an underquilt at those temps.
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    "Black flies? What black flies?" Henderson Lake, Adirondacks

    Awesome photos.. I have only ever been on Henderson lake when it was ice.
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    Cookware for fires

    Nothing wrong with aluminum cookwear over a fire. I have steel, CI, aluminum and Ti. All have seen the fire. I do have one set which is dedicated for stove use only however I am waiting for that one trip when I run out of fuel and put that pot on the fire. Will likely be a while since 99% of the...
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    Gear storage and trip packing

    I have a gear room with bins, and packs and stuff on the walls and shelves like others. To help with packing I have a single laundry basket which has my "main packing list" items for all trips for that season (spring, fall, etc...). So to pack for a specific trip I add to the basket whatever...
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    Food security

    @Glenn MacGrady they do make a larger Ursack now. IIRC it is about 50% larger.
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    Light-weight Portable Chargers

    I was gifted an Anker powerbank. It is great. Not needed for my trips. I have a NiteCore headlamp. Best headlamp I ever had. So based just on the quality of the Nitecore headlamps, I would not hesitate to get a powerbank from them.
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    Likes and Reaction Scores

    I never paid too much attention to it until it was brought up in that other thread. On some forums which can have some debates, the up/down votes, etc... serve somewhat of a purpose. But since this forum doesn't really argue, then not needed. Except maybe if we have a dragged out, down and dirty...
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    Why Are You Here?

    I was also here from the beginning and echo others' reasons for continuing. I also hope to join some of you on a paddle one of these days. I remember planning a trip with Willis prior to that fateful day. One of these years I will complete the route we planned.
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    What could you leave at home?

    Instead of trying to figure out what to leave behind, the trick is to figure out exactly what is required. Then take no more. As a lightweight backpacker, I have my own minimal gear rather dialed in. It was a process to determine what was truly needed vs wanted.
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    What was the first river you ever paddled?

    I think the first real river I paddled was the Youghiogheny River in Pa. This was back in high school. I have never been much of a river paddler, mostly due to not having the requisite skill set. I would like to learn how to read the river better, and be proficient in the braces/strokes.
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    Solitude isn't for everyone

    It really depends on the trip for me. I like solitude and my solo time especially if I have a goal in mind. If it is more relaxing with time at camp, then someone to talk to around the campfire is enjoyable and desired.
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    What is your local day paddle?

    No photos (that is my wife's domain), we are next to Braddock Bay on Lake Ontario. There are quite a few streams and other ponds within a few minutes as well. A favorite of ours is to put in on Salmon Cr (our neighborhood assn launch) paddle downstream to Braddock, then take the channel out into...