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    The answer to up creek no paddle

    Used to do gunnel races as a kid. Don't think I'm up to it anymore. :)
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    Canoe Magazine

    Not sure any niche sport is well supported by print journalism these days. Only print magazine I get anymore is privately published and geared more towards the generalized outdoor adventure community, and I know of at least one other similar publication that I don't get.
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    Wood paddles - which style and maker do you like?

    I picked up my most recent Mitchell from Peter at his house and remember from conversation that his wife was a world or national caliber mountain biker and it was one of his passions as well. That would have been 2018. Looks like, as mentioned above, he has gone into the bike biz...
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    Wood paddles - which style and maker do you like?

    I keep seeing this, but the website still looks live, though not recently updated. I'd drop a note if the paddles interest you. http://www.mitchellpaddles.com/
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    Wood paddles - which style and maker do you like?

    Nothing really special. A Mitchell Northstar and a Bending Branches Arrow. Both have good tip protection and don't paddle too deep.
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    MSR Fuel Canisters

    So am I the only person that uses the float technique to estimate how much fuel remains in a cannister? Not as exact as weighing, but close enough and it doesn't require any additional gear (and you can do it in the field).
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    Photo of the day

    Forgot about this thread. Mount Ascutney from the Connecticut River below Sumner Falls, 4th of July weekend.
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    Simple bannock and other reflector oven ideas

    Not to be confused with a ramekin.
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    Simple bannock and other reflector oven ideas

    I bet that book has a stewed prune recipe too. A daily ritual on trip back in the day, and probably today as well.
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    What was the worst canoe you ever owned or paddled?

    The faux birchbark monstrosity out on the dock below. I don't even know who made it. When my aunt was looking for a new boat for the lake I told her to look for an OT Guide or Disco, but she came up with this thing. Ugly, and paddles like a bathtub.
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    Poll: How much is your spouse or SO interested in canoeing compared to you?

    My wife enjoys a nice lillydip, particularly if there's a picnic or floatie time involved. Best date ever. Not much beyond that, and that's ok.
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    Spirit II vs. Prospector 17

    I just sold a Spirit II. Would've kept it, loved it in fact, but something lighter came along. For what you describe above, it would be a great boat. My advice is to not overthink it.
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    Cheap ones. Although I've been known to wear Pit Vipers when I want to aggravate my kid. https://www.pitviper.com/
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    What are you reading?

    Just started In the Company of Bears, by our local black bear rescue guy. Pretty fascinating stuff. https://www.chelseagreen.com/product/in-the-company-of-bears/
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    Paddling into the future: Restoring the legendary Chestnut canoe for a new generation

    Just stumbled on this CBC piece about Chestnut canoes. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/new-brunswick/chestnut-canoe-restoring-1.6474186