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    My first wanigan experience

    Chip, the action packers are the wrong shape, don’t have a smooth bottom, have slanted sides, rounded corners, are not water proof, you can’t sit or stand on them if you are over 200lbs(190 even) they get all deformed, they are a pain in the but to portage, they don’t have a tray to organize...
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    Machias River canoe trip, “Pole, paddle and portage”

    Looks like a nice section of river, just like I like it, mixe of flat and small rapids just to keep you interested!!
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    Why Are You Here?

    Because we got 2” of fresh snow this morning !!
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    Why Are You Here?

    Well thank you! Sometimes I wish I could vanish to the wood…
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    Why Are You Here?

    Well, I got an email that someone was looking for me here, so I signed in(first time since the new site) and then I saw that I won some kind of trophy? In my message box? No idea what is arhat all about! Cheers
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    Wannigan or storage box?

    Traditional wanigans can be portage easily with a tumpline, as easy as any other portage bags or items!
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    Can I borrow your axe?

    I always bring my own axe and usually bring on for other to use. Most people don’t know how to use an axe and or don’t give a shit and use it in gravel, rocks, try to split wood with the handle..... anyway, my brother in law is the worst so he is not allowed to use my axe but can use the friskas...
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    School me on carbon Fibre paddles

    Levass paddle in Quebec, are by far the best imo but the guy is a bit of a d¥%€... similar prices as ZRE!
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    SkilSaw Method for Strip Cutting ... a primer

    I really need to try that for curing strips for various project!!
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    Photo of the day

    -28c here this morning so paddling will have to wait a little!
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    Wannigan or storage box?

    I’be been using wanigans since 2015 and I started on 3 new ones, one for us as a food box and 2 that I’m going to sell... 1/4” Baltic birch ply with red cedar “feet” and red cedar lid contour. I put some sort of weather strip inside the kid for a pretty good watertight seal!!
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    Photo of the day

    [No message]
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    3.29.21 Edit: Storage usage issues resolved

    Well I gave up on posting pictures since when you click on the thumbnails they disappear(or something like that) it use to be so easy to post pictures and not not so easy so it ain’t gonna be my pictures that will flood the place lol!!
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    Soloing while married

    Hahaha sorry... my wife is out more than me(she teaches grade 10 outdoor education program! But she would never be opposed to me going anywhere... that said she is not excited to see me going on my own!!