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    … I definitely should have included two half hitches (or a series of hitches to use up line) to the list. I also use the simple overhead, figure eight and double fisherman’s knot. Thinking that I am going to have to learn the Evenk hitch.
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    Lost (misplaced) a tool

    A couple of years ago, I lost my little Buck 55 folding knife. I was in misery for a couple of weeks and finally broke down and bought a Buck 341 folder. A few days later my Grandson found the “55”. I’m getting the itch to lose another knife.
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    Bowline, trucker’s hitch, tautline hitch, sheet bend.
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    Photo of the day

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    Poll: What type of vehicle is your usual canoe vehicle currently?

    This shot was taken at the Marathon community campground, enroute to Wabakimi Provincial Park.
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    Photo of the day

    If I recall, correctly, it was one of those grey velvet mornings with a bit of drizzle but nothing serious :)
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    Photo of the day

    Although bittersweet, this is my kinda’ morning commute. Flying out of Wabakimi Provincial Park
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    Camping in the rain

    Prior to our first ever “canoe trip” (many years ago) my sweetie and I participated in a weekend workshop with Rolf and Deb Kraiker. It was at the end of April. The weather was miserable. High winds and freezing rain. I dumped my canoe while solo paddling. The experience was invaluable. We...
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    Aging Adjustments

    Last year (@67) my sweetie and I decided that we needed to lighten the weight of our main pack and food barrel. Sooooooooooo, we carried two 30L barrels rather than one 60L barrel. Bertha, our main pack morphed into two packs and we walked the ports three times rather than two. I hated it...
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    General Trip Gear

    My sweetie and I added these 12 oz. Thermos jars to our kitchen kit a few years ago. Not a lightweight solution, but it works for us. We love oatmeal in the morning and before a trip, we prepack individual servings with a variety of dried fruit, nuts and seeds to each pack. I simply pour one...
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    Show us pictures of your canoe vehicle with boat(s)

    At the community campground, Marathon, Ontario, enroute to Wabakimi Provincial Park. The awning I made is so nice, especially if it is raining. Provides a dry staging spot while setting up or taking down camp.
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    Photo of the day

    Early morning mist: North Tea Lake, APP
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    Photo of the day

    Wabakimi, 2021 … Forest fires make hazy days
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    Buying a canoe, dream come true .. BUT .. need suggestions (size, material etc)

    Our first canoe was a 16’ Nova Craft Prospector. It was a beautiful boat and we bought it new. Ash gunnels, Kevlar Spectra layup. We are fairly lightweight trippers and we found that there was so much freeboard with the Nova that the canoe blew around a lot. As much as we loved the boat we...
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    Photo of the day

    Well, hello there, Mr. & Mrs. Moose