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Home Waters-Robert Perkins

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    Home Waters-Robert Perkins

    A very pleasant solo trip down the Connecticut River from source to mouth in 1994.
    (Not sure if this has been posted here before.)

    An excellent video. Perkins shows great purpose and understanding of the Conn R.
    As a retired environmental consultant, I have mixed emotions about all of his complaining.
    I moved West in 1972 because I knew my home waters in Maryland would always elicit the same kind of emotions.
    Now I get to paddle Wild and Scenic Rivers and see all the wildlife.
    As paddlers we need to have some gratitude for all the of the environmental progress that has been made in the last 50 years.

    A Cooper's hawk has been sitting on the bow of my w/c Old Town for the last 20 minutes. This is a good omen.
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      I remember full well watching this on TV years ago !

      Inspirational for Sure

      I'll watch it again ! Thanks !
      Keep your paddle wet, and your seat dry !