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    Chris....figure out a way to add legs to that so you dont have to cook on the ground.


      Ahhh, now I see why the need for the larger firebox. I think my friend's school group are mostly eating rice, pasta and stews so less of an issue to fit a couple of four plus litre pots on top of the firebox. I also think the "dragon's teeth" help with airflow up and out of the box even when a large proportion of the top is covered by pots. It may not be obvious but the upper floor has slots allowing air to flow in through the holes along the sides then up through the wood, helping to improve combustion.

      No, I'm afraid I don't make them myself. I realised that the work required to cut the stainless at the level of precision required was more than I wanted to take on so I draw them on a CAD package then have them cut by a laser firm in Winnipeg. Not only is it precise but far less post cut finishing is needed


        I really like the look of it, I should get one to play with it and to use on solo or family trips... Do you always have them in stock?


          Originally posted by Sweetfancymoses View Post
          I've never seen these paddle joiners. Great idea. I have some cordura left that I cut out of a $2 garment bag I bought at Goodwill. This will be my next project.
          Click image for larger version

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ID:	43874 There we go. Again, thank you for the idea. I would have never come up with this by myself. This will come in handy in tarpology.


            Paddle joiner looks good. If you have some fabric left over you could make a sock to fit over the lower grip to stop it getting scratched on the ground.


              Originally posted by Bothwell Voyageur View Post
              Paddle joiner looks good. If you have some fabric left over you could make a sock to fit over the lower grip to stop it getting scratched on the ground.
              Yes, I was worried about that too.


                My barrel organizer bags came all the way from snowy Manitoba, and I'm really happy with them.
                I like how the reinforcing (piping?) around the bucket opening helps to keep them open in use.
                These are my first bags of this type, and given their toughness likely my last ever needed.

                Click image for larger version

Name:	P3141937.JPG
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                Customized to my colour choices and dimensions. Solid materials and quality craftsmanship.
                Thanks Chris, I can't wait to use them.

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                  Thanks for posting that pic. I use Stihl weed whacker cord for the opening. It is the super heavy duty stuff about 3mm.


                    I think I like the idea of a drawstring closure. Mine have zippers and they work fine but the drawstring might be a little quicker to open/close and less chance of it failing during a trip.



                      Have finally got around to publishing a new website.


                      Should make it simpler for you to spend your money!


                        Good Job on your website - Nice pictures of Holly

                        (check your barrel production times text for a missing word)


                          I just spotted the 16' square Kelty Noah's Tarp for $50 and the 20' square tarp for $60 on Happy hunting!


                          Best regards to all,