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Canoe Tripping Nightmare

Nov 14, 2018
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Heart of the Shawnee Nation
Modern weed is really strong. I can barely talk.

We were on a week long trip on the lower Colorado River in Feb. We had some wind and had a party because the next day we would not be traveling. My brother made a beautiful lasagna. A friend brought some homemade brownies cut in small pieces with THC. I had a half of a small one. I could not talk and felt sick. The lasagna ended up on the ground. I was up most of the night. I cannot do edibles. On the other hand I have been a DeadHead for 50 years. Mushrooms do not give me trouble.
Yes, the strength of modern weed is too much. I had a similar experience with brownies; lasted way too long, messed up my reading. Also, my lungs cannot tolerate the smoke like in the 70s. Leave it to corporations to ruin a perfectly good buzz.