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Adirondack Paddlers Guide or Adirondack Paddling?

Oct 4, 2021
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For the folks who have used these books do you prefer one or the other? I know I could get both but don't want to be redundant.

thank you.
I've never seen the ADK's Adirondack Paddling, so I can't comment on it.

I have had Dave Cilley's Adirondack Paddlers Guide for many years, which is a companion to his waterproof Adirondack Paddlers Map, which shows all the campsites on the book's routes. I suspect Cilley's book is more complete, and its three-ring binder construction allows you to keep the book open to your trip's pages in its Ziplock bag while you are paddling in your canoe, which I've found to be convenient.

In this picture, I have a large map case attached to the thwart in front of my seat. It has the relevant area of the map inserted on one side and the book spread open to two relevant pages on the other side (behind the map). I flip the map case over to read the book. The map case is in front of me at all times underneath my topo mapping GPS.

Map Case.JPG