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    Zip Lock Bags on Canoe Trips

    As noted, I use a lot of ziplock bags, the main reason being that I find it an easy and inexpensive way to organize my food. The little bit of additional odor protection they provide I consider a secondary benefit. I like that I can easily label them (with a sharpie), see the contents of each...
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    Zip Lock Bags on Canoe Trips

    On my recent 10-day Adirondack trip I took a 30L barrel. I used labeled gallon ziplock freezer bags inside the barrel, one for each day. Each bag contained breakfast, lunch and dinner for the day. I used the two barrel buckets that came with the barrel as well - one with a ziplock containing...
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    Yesterday I had my annual appointment with my ophthalmologist. When I told him I am retired and planning on doing significantly more paddling, he told me to get polarized sunglasses.
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    How do you edit and upload canoe videos?

    I use Cyberlink PowerDirector with a Windows 10 laptop. I find PowerDirector fairly easy to use and there's plenty of tutorials about it on YT (I especially like the ones from PowerDirector University). I store my videos on a 1TB external hard drive and move them over to my laptop (that has an...
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    Deleting a route via the garmin website

    I had the same problem just the other day and had a similar experience trying to delete them. Eventually I was successful using the Earthmate app. I am not exactly sure what worked though, however, when I closed the app and then re-opened it, the routes I was trying to delete were gone. I'll be...
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    Just joined from putnam ny

    I'm about a mile from Green Chimneys. I'll touch base for a paddle sometime.
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    Dedicated screen shelter for cooking and relaxing

    I have two bug shelters that I use depending on the trip. Like Ralph, I have the Nemo Bug-out shelter (the smaller one). I had it modified with D rings across the top so I can use a ridgeline with it. I do hammock camp, so it does double duty. The other shelter I have is the Sea to Summit...
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    Just joined from putnam ny

    Welcome Ripple! I live in Putnam County too. Most of the time I paddle in the ADKs, but take some paddles in the Hudson Valley from time to time as well. I assume you paddle the Great Swamp?
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    Recreational Barrel Works

    I got the 30L barrel last year and have used it on a couple of solo trips. I have the zippered barrel organizers so no problem with items falling out. I like the way I am able to organize my food in them and I have used the cooler, with a ziplock bag of ice in it with the fresh food items for...
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    What was the first river you ever paddled?

    The Raquette River in the Adirondacks at 18 years old. After that, the next one was the Owegatchie (many times).
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    Lobster Lake, W Branch Penobscot, and Chesuncook

    Another great trip report, thanks again for posting!
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    Allagash Wilderness Waterway, May, 2021

    Great trip report and photos! Thanks very much for posting.
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    Gear storage and trip packing

    Mine is stored the garage - really convenient for loading/unloading. There's a drop-down work bench that I use to organize and pack. In the past, I tried (not always successfully) to pack for the next trip upon returning from the previous one. That should be easier to do now that I am retired...
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    Whitney Wilderness Trip or Sometimes Things Don't Go As Planned!

    Great trip report, thanks for sharing!
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    Hammock camper advice

    I have been hammock camping for 5 years now. I was driven off the ground because I slept uncomfortably in a tent, whether I was using a sleeping bag with a pad (I tried many different ones) or even a cot. I bought a cheap hammock ($30) on Amazon and used it on a trip to Lows Lake in the early...