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    Poll: What type of vehicle is your usual canoe vehicle currently?

    I have seen the Frontier racks used on more than a handful of cars. I thought they were built well...
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    Poll: What type of vehicle is your usual canoe vehicle currently?

    I have a '99 Suburban 4WD and a ’15 4Runner. I’m 5’7” and lifting my Pathfinder or Explorer (both rx) to the roof is a job even using the lift one end on the back and shoving it Still doing it but never easy. I have an aluminum 5x10 yard trailer and am adding a couple of bars to use it. The...
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    Michigan Canoeing

    I camped at the upper big two hearted river once and it was a tangle of one obstruction after another. I can’t speak to the lower parts.
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    Michigan Canoeing

    I lived in Charlevoix for 4 years back in the late 90s and early 2000s. I canoed many of the smaller rivers mostly for fly fishing. There are beautiful little rivers all over. The Jordan River is a spring fed small river and a beautiful paddle. The upper Manistee River and the AuSable are...
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    The most you've ever paid for a canoe (buy or build)

    Funny thing about values. That old Blazer would be in the $40,000-50,000 range in original shape. Great story
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    Show us pictures of your canoe vehicle with boat(s)

    I have used yakima bars since the early 80’s. I am too deep in add-ons to even consider other types. I have used the rails on many vehicles with success even though Yak says they won’t fit. Sometimes I had to take the rail mounts apart and then install them but it works. Looking at your...
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    YAER (Yet Another Explorer Rebuild)

    Rebuilding a bare hull Independence and have limited carpentry skills. Am using full length sepele wood and also don't want to drill more holes. I need advice before I go down this rabbit hole of drilling more holes. I am planning to clamp the inner gunwale and mark location, then drill...
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    Your canoe trip plans, hopes, dreams for 2022

    I went to Orient, Maine last summer for a couple of weeks in August. I saw some great looking small rivers but never one person on the river. I mostly toured the back roads since I was north. Thought the border would be open but that happened about a week after I left. Traveled south to...
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    Tips for Training Puppies in Canoes Requested

    This is my field trial Lab, Salty. She is a high energy girl and her best trait is she does what is ask of her. The first time I put her in my Dyer Midget dinghy to row across the intracoastal over to the barrier island. She jumped out close to the shore in current and I'm not sure what...
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    Show us pictures of your canoe vehicle with boat(s)

    4Runner with Argosy heading to new owner.
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    What is the ideal canoe dog for a solo canoeist?

    My Airedale was raised on our farm. Back in the late '70s we hiked parts of the Appalachian Trail with him. To say he was full of himself is way shy of truthful. He thought he was the meanest MF to ever have walked the planet and could be a real pain in the ass. Then one day my wife and I...
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    Independence or Malecite

    The Malacite is on the NC coast. I believe he told me 58 pounds
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    Independence or Malecite

    I couldn't have ask for more of an education/explanation. By the way all boats except the Laker (1983 new) were bought as fixer uppers. My grandson 9 and I have paddled the Pathfinder and it is quite stable even with the Lab. I did not want to have a boat that duplicates too closely another I...
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    Re-webbing Canoe Seats?

    Harbor freight has a rope cutter that works good. 'Heavy Duty Hot Knife', $20. I've used mine maybe 25-30 coats cutting ropes. Not as good as the $149 sailrite but it works and I'm not that good either
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    Independence or Malecite

    Thanks. How is the stability in your Independence alone? The dog goes a lot but not every time. I think that was part of the reason for the question. The independence is a fixer upper that has all the new parts but unassembled. $300. Not sure about the Malacite pricing. I am not afraid to...