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    Algonquin Park: Nipissing River - Loontail Creek - Alder World loop

    Yikes! Enjoyed the read, brings back some good memories of that area. Thanks. Love the Nipissing, just not that section.
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    Photos of Animals, Fish, Birds & Bugs on a Canoe Trip

    Does anyone know what this is? Found in a cattail marsh.
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    Photos of Animals, Fish, Birds & Bugs on a Canoe Trip

    My favourite insect.
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    Epoxy filler for paddle edging

    Makes sense, good call, it’s a laminated basswood/alder paddle I’m working on, it’s a beefed up but lighter weight tripper, bit of a paradox I’m afraid. Both pretty porous woods. It’ll get glassed too. Here’s where I’m at: Plan is to spread the epoxy into the grove, hopefully without any...
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    Epoxy filler for paddle edging

    I’m trying my hand at edging some paddles, kind of like the Grey Owl pictured. Can anyone recommend a filler, or a filler combination for the edging using West System products? Thx!
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    Paddling places that weren't what you expected

    I’ve found sections of South Saskatchewan to be somewhat of a hidden, unexpected treasure. Cool, crystal clear water, endless beach islands and sand bars, decent fishing and NO motorboats. It even has trees! It’s tucked away in a deep, wide valley and you’d never know that up top sits the...
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    Pack Weight Ratios

    I’d have to say in the area of 60lbs, much more starts being not fun. The food barrels usually start the trip in the 60 to 70 lbs range, get carried on their own with stuff in the hands like paddles and fishing poles, not a comfortable load for the first few days. Barrels suck. The clothes and...
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    Mason fire box and other musings

    Hey Jim, super interesting projects! I‘ve a couple of questions if you wouldn‘t mind. What are the dimensions of the bigger box? What gauge of titanium did you use?
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    Weather Forecasts (are today’s whippersnappers spoiled?)

    I have a meteorologist in the family, they tell me anything beyond 4 days is just a crap shoot, and you can throw the 14 day forecast out the window. I used stress about the forecast pre-trip, gave that up tho cause over a long trip your gonna see it all anyways, so no forecast checking before...
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    Wood paddles - which style and maker do you like?

    I wish I didn’t have to endure -30 winters, I’ll trade ya! Those Bruce Smith paddles look real nice. Somewhere between the classic and the beaver tail would be just about perfect.
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    Wood paddles - which style and maker do you like?

    Been using a Grey Owl Tripper in oiled cherry for the last 20 some years. It’s been everywhere, lost count of the miles on it. Made a bunch and bought a few others paddles but always use the Tripper In the flat stuff. I don’t think the quality of wood is as good these days as it was when my...
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    Milk River, Alberta - Del Bonita to Writing on Stone Provincial Park

    Nice! Super interesting area, it’s high on the to do list, but I’m not so keen on the rattle snakes tho! Looks like lower levels could be a real grind.
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    Poll: How much is your spouse or SO interested in canoeing compared to you?

    Met my partner in a tree planting camp, so she’s all into the bush life. She cares about her job more than canoe travel, I’m the other way around, so only an 80 for her.
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    Bothwell Voyageur Twig Stove

    Thanks for the review, they really are quite ingenious. Is that the nomad or the nomad xt?. Bothwell Voyager makes some great stuff! We’ve been using one of his bigger Yukon fire boxes for our family trips and despite its weight, we don’t leave home without it. It’s built like a tank and I...
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    Had to get a Yak - Blue Steel: Meh.

    Meh, No dis, but your expectations of composites might be a little high. Canoes look better with scratches.