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    Esquif PROSPECTEUR 15 specs?

    Thank you for measuring. My first canoe was a Wenonah Prospector 16 with 25 inch bow and stern height. I soloed it for years with no more issues in the wind than my B16 with 21 inch Bow. I would prefer it had 24 inch bow and stern heights like the Wenonah Prospector 15, but I like that they...
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    What is the Proper Way to Solo Paddle a Tandem Canoe?

    From the bow seat backwards.
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    GSI "10" Hard Anodized Dutch Oven

    I bought the 10 inch one. Love it!
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    Likes and Reaction Scores

    Likes are particularly useful for a long post or trip report that someone has put a lot of time and effort into. I don't always have something to say in response, but I really appreciate the photos, content, etc. Don't care for a reaction score.
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    Esquif PROSPECTEUR 15 specs?

    I contacted Esquif but they never got back to me. Does anyone know the bow and stern height on their prospector models?
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    Winter trek with my two dogs, Jake and Gunner.

    From my understanding they do this every year for winter trips.
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    Winter trek with my two dogs, Jake and Gunner.

    Can you post a link? I could not find any info about them closing their doors.
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    WTB: Origo 5100 Heat Pal Alcohol Heater

    Looking to purchase an alcohol heater if anyone has one they are no longer using.
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    Show pictures of your tent(s) on a canoe trip

    View from Hammock in BWCA OCT 2021
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    How do you make a fire when it's wet?

    You can use shavings with a fire steel, but curls work best.
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    How do you make a fire when it's wet?

    I carry a two or three inch piece of fatwood for tinder. Where I camp is usually thoroughly picked over, so no birch bark and only large dead wood so an axe is very important to me in wet weather. With 7-10 curls of fat wood and split dry kindling I have always been able to get a fire started...
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    My quest for the best custom made ottertail paddle in the world

    Looking forward to the future videos. It is hard to find good info on the Northwoods stroke.
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    Not quite the BWCA

    First time I have been able to log on to this site in months... Stayed on Frear lake in July of 2017. Was actually fairly full and got bussed by some drunk people in motor boats on Elbow Lake. The fishing was not good for us either, but we saw our first moose. She came out of the bush at 8 or so...
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    Thwarts & Seat placement opinions

    My 16' 9" Bell Northstar and 18' 6" Northwind both have thwarts behind the bow. The only one that doesn't is my B16 prospector, as Glenn mentioned so you can paddle solo from the bow seat backwards. That is one beautiful canoe!