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    Lost (misplaced) a tool

    I'm pretty sure that I made enough money looking for my hammer at work to buy at least one wood canvas canoe. As far as knives go I think I lost only one over the years. I did loose two favorite knives after loaning them out. After noticing that people will borrow your knife, cut what they need...
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    Do you see a lot of wildlife on canoe?

    I never wear camo and don't do anything besides being quiet and still when required so I don't know what the two Bonaparte Gulls were thinking when they landed in my ceder strip boat with me, but it was cool.
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    Recommended Fishing gear for Marshall-Kap

    John is a member here, Jontario, I believe. He's probably too busy tripping and editing videos to post much. I enjoy his tripping videos, which contain a lot of fishing footage. I recommend checking them out, his channel is called "lost lakes" He does a lot of remote stuff, exploring seldom...
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    What are you reading?

    This is a book I found in a Pa. Antique shop. It is an informational book and not the book you would take to kill time on a trip as according to the author, LL Bean, it should only take 85 minutes to read. The interesting thing is that there are five duplicate chapters in the back of the book...
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    What is the Proper Way to Solo Paddle a Tandem Canoe?

    Funny thing is I almost had the wind blow my downwind gunnel under water while leaning away from it while kneeling amidship, in that same boat this week. It seems counterintuitive but bad things can happen leaning away from the wind. Unless you need to lean to keep waves out, your boat will be...
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    What is the Proper Way to Solo Paddle a Tandem Canoe?

    I hope he got the girl.
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    What is the Proper Way to Solo Paddle a Tandem Canoe?

    Here is my preferred method to solo a tandem. Obviously good tracking is not a priority for me. I prefer what I call a "lively feel" that you get with a light bow
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    50 Pounder Rebuild

    Looks great, and good call on not replacing the keel.
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    Boat not moving very fast

    Ally Canoe and Pakboats make good expedition quality folding canoes that paddle well.
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    Photo of the day

    This morning
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    Photo of the day

    A couple from this evening.
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    Boat not moving very fast

    First off, did you check to make sure you weren't still tied up? If you weren't, it probably was the boat and or paddle.
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    What is the Proper Way to Solo Paddle a Tandem Canoe?

    I've seen Natives paddling similar canoes from the bow before on TV, so I don't think it is that uncommon. My guess is that is where he would paddle from regardless of the conditions. It may be the position that can handle any and all conditions of wind or current, eliminating the need to move...
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    Steaming in a Bag

    Being the nice guy I am, I can let you practice on one of my boats.
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    How much stuff do you take on a day trip?

    I take a lot of stuff on a whole day trip. This includes at least a tarp and blanket as well as food, water and extra layers. If it's a trip where wind might be a problem I may also bring a small tent. I usually take binoculars and sometimes take a small stove and pot for coffee. I also take an...