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    Rec Barrel Works - Expedition Canoe Pack

    Thank you for the info folks! CT, the padding was the first thing that caught my mind as well. I have a family trip coming up and was trying to get a pack for misc. stuff and didn't need all the bells and whistles on this one, so I agree with you. Sweeper, similar situation here - 4 barrels...
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    Rec Barrel Works - Expedition Canoe Pack

    Hello folks, If anyone has any experience with RBW's Expedition Pack - or any of their packs - and would be willing to share I would appreciate it. Thank you
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    Recreational Barrel Works

    Good morning everyone, Looking for any thoughts on the Rec Barrel Works Expedition Canoe Pack. Any feedback on longevity and how the pack has held up long term would be great, as well as any other issues that popped up. Thank you.
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    Aurora Borealis

    Seen them a bunch of times in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Best one ever was camping at Porcupine Mt's - right on Superior. Lights came out and Chick and I moved our chairs right to the waters edge and had a three hour light show. I never had them on stay on that long before.
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    Any thoughts on drysuits?

    Thank you all for the advice/input. I think my path is pretty good for the suit. Glenn, thank you for the video link - just what I needed. Recommendations on footwear? Can I wear the same boots as I wear with my stocking foot waders? Are there any other items you folks recommend...
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    Any thoughts on drysuits?

    Hello folks, My paddling window (outside of steelhead season) has always started in mid May and ended at the beginning of October. I have wanted to extend this by a bit - maybe start in April and run till the end of October. I went to Lows and up to Grass Pond last week and it got me...
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    Thank you for the replies - should have filled in some blanks. My needs involve just rigging tarps (10 x 14) and using them to attach gear to packs for portages. I have many shapes and sizes but the D shape works well. I like to get the larger ones since they are easier to handle. Love a...
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    Afternoon everyone, Many of the cheap carabiners I have accumulated over the years are giving up the ghost. I don't want to get into the expensive ones used for climbing, and don't need the locking type. I know the shapes have a different purpose but for me any shape will do - seems most of...
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    Another Upstate NYer

    Asche, Western NY here as well. Don't disparage the Grumman! I have the Lightweight that I still use for trips. If I am out for a quick trip (Round Lake, for example - 1 hour paddle) I'll take it. Why risk damage to Kevlar or Royalex if I don't need to? Plus, there is something to be...
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    Pygmy Coho wooden kayak - $800 (Canandaigua)

    This has popped up a couple of times on CL here in Rochester - it was a weird enough name it caught my attention. I had never heard of them before, nor have I ever heard the words pygmy and coho used together in a sentence, but if you have been looking for one, now's your chance.
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    Visiting Canada Update (September 20, 2022)

    Note on the enhanced drivers license and a Real ID. While processing hundreds of people applying for TWIC cards (transportation worker id credential) for travel back and forth between the US and Canada, I was able to accept a passport and an enhanced ID, but not a Real ID. Many people came...
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    Missinaibi River

    Thank you YC for your addition. I intend to drive from northern Michigan directly to the rail station in Sudbury, Ontario, and then have the train drop me off at the river in the middle of the nite. After completing the trip I was going to stay at the camp ground until I take the train back...
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    Missinaibi River

    Thank you all - greatly appreciated!
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    Hawk Vittles

    Hello everyone, Many of you probably know this already, but for those that don't, Hawk Vittles is alive and well. The son-in-law is running the operation now. They have also established a Face Book page. For planning purposes, the SIL does work another job, so the lead times could be a bit...
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    Missinaibi River

    Good evening all, Well, after decades of dreaming it looks like my child hood dream of completing the Missainabi is approaching. I have googled, and searched on myccr but I can't seem to get a firm answer - in the age of covid, am I allowed to enter Canada for a lengthy canoe trip? I...