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    Need info on Sawyer Oscoda.

    I don't know jack, but here's an old catalog page for the Oscadas. Sounds like a "Family 17" model?
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    Most hull abusive trips?

    Here's the way-upper East Branch Penobscot from a day paddle when I was scouting for a Millinocket Carry portage. IANA geologist but this is the same kind of shaley ledgy stuff they have around Old Town, which is ~150 miles downstream. I liked how these cedars got a handle on it. There was a...
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    Simple bannock and other reflector oven ideas

    For bannock I use Gil Gilpatrick's "Canoe Country Bread" recipe: 4 cups flour 1/2 cup sugar 4 tsps baking powder 3 tsps salt just add water (slowly, and not too much -- dough good, batter bad) There is nothing greasy, nothing that will go bad in less than months, but it tastes really good when...
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    Recommended Fishing gear for Marshall-Kap

    Maybe if we ref him (hey @Jontario, we're eating your nachos!) he'll see a notification. I'm pretty far from Ontario but I love the exploratory aspect of the channel.
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    Minn 3 Rebuild

    Nice work on the Safari! It's absolutely amazing that that boat survived it, after all those late day radical repairs and low water to boot. I've never seen a canoe re-bottomed that way -- bold. That tree limb photo is awesome. Wenonah's classic kevlar ultralight layup is not exactly bombproof...
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    Furthest you have carried to launch a canoe?

    5.5 miles, from Third Machias to Fifth Machias (Downeast Maine) to start a solo trip. I'd planned to drop boat/gear near the put-in and do a foot shuttle of that distance, but it was early April and the roads were closed due to frost, etc. I probably should have known that, but I was tripping...
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    Photos of Portage / Canoe Carry Signs

    A rod here, a chain there, why not just round up to the next furlong to keep it simple?
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    Yukon River Quest 2022

    A friend of mine is doing the Yukon 1000 this year. I'm a little jealous, but at least I get to do the MR 340 again.
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    Wenonah vs tree repair

    You are so a gunwale-ninja if you do this! I would think a 1" square tube would be more stiffness than you need. Can you get 3/4"? Have you considered blowing off the outwale bend and just using a simple strip of 1" (or 3/4") aluminum for the outwale (i.e., almost no outwale -- a long washer)...
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    Definitely not another Explorer!

    There are a lot of Discos ... I think of the 158 and 169 as "classic" Discos, but there are also 119, 133, 164, 174 IIRC. Could it be a 164? It doesn't look like a 158/169, those have more recurved stems. I share your hatred of those plastic buttsweat petri dish seats. Also they're heavy...
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    Dreamboat Rebuild Rebuild

    I've always wondered this, when you measure the bow/stern height of a canoe with rocker, do you measure from the floor, even though the stem is really floating above the floor by approximately the amount of rocker?
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    Turkey Tail - Middle/Lower Jo-Mary - Pemadumcook - Twin Lakes Loop

    This was a short trip and there's already good coverage of the area in other TRs, so I'll keep this a lite trip report. I wanted to make a post mainly to make people aware of a couple of less popular access points that enable a self shuttled loop trip. First the references, more on the Jo-Mary...
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    The Millinocket Carry, Northern Maine

    Day 3: Moose Pond to Millimagassett Lake I literally awoke refreshed. The previous evening I was totally spent, but food, water and sleep brought me back. We were on the trail, heading south back to the canoe, at a quarter to 8. Our fresh legs made quick work of both the road walk and the...
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    5 or 7-Gallon Bucket Mess Kit

    I've had a 6 gal bucket with gamma seal lid for a few years now, and while I like it, it's too big for most of the trips I do (i.e., short and solo). I recently bought a 3.5 gal bucket + gamma lid to try out (venturing all of $20), and I really like the size. I think it would carry about a...
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    The Millinocket Carry, Northern Maine

    Day 2: East Branch Penobscot River to Moose Pond We arose at a civilized hour for what we knew would be the most difficult day. We ate a quick breakfast, packed up and got on the "trail" around 9. Looking up at the campsite from the landing -- the first 0.1% of the portage! The crossing...