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    Fears while paddling or on canoe trips

    About those strange nocturnal noises... noises that have had me worried me several times, I guess, have been high winds at night while in the tent... esp during the fall with winter coming on. The wind rises and falls, sometimes making these unearthly moaning noises increasing in strength in the...
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    New to me, tea

    oops wrong thread...
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    Photo of the day

    Seventy-five year old submerged tree stumps SE of Algonquin Park... Photo is several years old taken while cruising the shoreline... I had been reading about the history of damming lakes in Ontario which started with water releases needed for logging drives downriver. These are probably...
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    What are you reading?

    Expensive coffee table book borrowed from the library after a long wait in line... Georgian Bay-Discovering a Unique North American Ecosystem, Edited by Nick Eyles. Worth reading if only for the first chapter on geology by Eyles... really good insight on why the eastern North American landscape...
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    PIctures of celebrities in canoes

    YW, BB... I also saw him during the seventies, at Massey hall in Toronto... he would talk to the audience, lots of contact and down to earth. The Railroad Trilogy is still one of my favorites... brings back memories listening to FM radio when it was new, a long time ago. PS... Bob Dylan said at...
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    PIctures of celebrities in canoes

    Gordon Lightfoot's canary yellow canoe being donated to the Canadian Canoe Museum... Could not find that song online or even on Spotify where's it's been deleted... I don't remember it being all that great so maybe that's the reason. Here's another that's better known.
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    Campsite Evaluations

    Sadie must have some ability now to sniff out the best value in campsites for frogs... my experience with dogs in the canoe has not been good, every one was nervous, anxious to jump out at the first opportunity since staying in the canoe was unfamiliar. The worst was a beagle (they're known to...
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    Campsite Evaluations

    A good view in a prime location counts for a lot in good weather... these two (the other is on the small island) in the Algonquin area are pretty spartan and I doubt they'd be five-star in terms of being able to comfortably sit round the campfire while enjoying an ale, cooking, providing some...
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    Quetico Campsites- Star Rating

    BV, Quetico doesn't have formally designated campsites so AFAIK you can camp wherever you want... unless something has changed recently. Camping at a site where no camping has been done previously will mean some vegetation will probably be affected unless it is on bedrock... you might want to...
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    Photo of the day

    OK... figured it out.
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    Photo of the day

    ...test photo... Toronto... Well not the same as before with Flickr, photo will not appear. Try again later.
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    Thanks Glenn!

    Thanks Glenn... seeing photos and threads! Will try to post a photo... hmmm...
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    Photo of the day

    This is a test only... repeat, this is only a test. To find out whether posting is possible. Humorous content is incidental. This only a test. https://pics.me.me/ive-often-been-asked-what-do-you-old-folks-do-32744219.png
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    Photo of the day

    Paddle-in concerts in Toronto this summer... ... The photo isn't mine, from a Toronto blog. There are canoes and kayaks like never before because of the pandemic restrictions. I'll try and post some photos of my own once the weather warms up July-Aug.
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    Quick foods for recovery when running on empty?

    Salami and granola has been the most reliable, along with something sweet to drink. Cold boiled potato with skin on. Mayo if available. Hardboiled egg... will keep a long time and really something to look forward to after a few days. Flat can of sardines in soy oil, or smoked oysters. Lots of...