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    Lights for Tripping

    I think I’m just cursed. They tend to stop working for me, even with batteries. I’ll usually charge the batteries before a trip, Eneloop pro, and day two, it’s usually dead. The very first one I had, a few years ago, worked great but then I accidentally broke it while camping. The more recent...
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    Lights for Tripping

    I bring two Black Diamond headlamps, with rechargeable batteries. One BD Apollo lantern, which has been nothing but trouble for me, and this is my third warranty on it. UCO candle lantern with the reflector and sometimes a Luci inflatable solar light. I may end up trying out the Goal Zero...
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    Canoe Magazine

    Used to be Canoe roots was a good one, but i think theh stopped a few years ago
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    Drip covers?

    What kayak paddle do you use? Almost every paddle comes with drip rings, but you can always buy a pair for around $5 at a shop that sells paddling supplies. There’s also open skirts floating around out there that keep your area open but cover some from minor splashes. Harmony used to make some...
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    As hard as it is to lose someone in our life, and it’ll never be easy. Maybe easier, but never easy. It’s stories like that, that keep their spirits alive. That no matter how often you tell it, or have heard it, it’ll always make you chuckle and smile. A few years ago, a very close friend of...
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    Scoutergriz, getting the gear or tools for others to use, I think gains a good pass. It’s easy to gain an arsenal of gear, especially in the trial and error phase. And then add the years we enjoy all of it, and add to it. Yellowcanoe, I’m think we connect with our items with memories we refuse...
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    I’m lounging on my couch, looking out the window sipping coffee as my dog is passed out on my legs. We have four canoes in our backyard. Three are paddle worthy, the fourth is an old 70’s OT project. My neighbor across the street has four rec kayaks, on a nicely built rack next to his garage...
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    Poll: How much is your spouse or SO interested in canoeing compared to you?

    I’ll say my wife’s brain thinks about it far less than mine. Repairs-nope. Packing-nope. Talking about it all the time-nope. Wanting more canoes-nope. This website-nope. Talking about quitting our job and paddling more-nope. Why we need another paddle-nope. Tech specs-nope. To her, it’s just a...
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    Gear storage and trip packing

    There’s no doubt that these hangers are overpriced. And that is precisely why I asked for a few of them, of course after asking how everyone was doing. There are a number of ways to hang or store sleeping bags that are kind to the material and stuffing. The reason I chose these, price or no...
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    Photo of the day

    The wife and I did a three night trip in Ontario last weekend and out of all the photos we took, this is one of my top ten favorites. This trip had the hardest portages I’ve done yet, each one very steep, rocky, overgrown and very muddy. We managed to gather a few new cringe worthy scratches...
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    Gear storage and trip packing

    I use sleeping bag hangers from Marmot, made by whoever. I heard that the store I worked at was going out of business and I asked if I could snag a few of those before they get rid of them. I found some similar on Walmarts website that should work just as good. I’d sho around, there pretty pricy...
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    What is your local day paddle?

    Two spots I like to paddle that are within a few minutes from my house. The Boardman, all sections above Boardman lk. And when there’s not a ton of jet skis/speed boats out, East bay. The bay is only 2.5 miles across, but you can usually escape the noise and rush the tourists bring. And there’s...
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    Energy Drinks Don't Work

    A lot of my old coworkers would throw their trash, like gas station paper trays, candy bar wrappers, and energy drink cans in the back of the work truck. Those work trucks get dumped daily either at the shop wood lot or at a customers house. Not only is it unprofessional or disrespectful, but...
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    Flaky epoxy

    aslg, do you oppose to the idea of an orbital or a mouse sander? I understand either won’t hit the contours right, and I lose the sense of feel with them
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    Photo of the day

    No canoe in the photo, but a great campsite in the Yoop. Hope everyone is enjoying the nicer weather, here in N. MI we’ve been pretty steady in the mid 60’s to low 70’s