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    Lost (misplaced) a tool

    I lose knives all the time. I have four Mora knives and know where only one is. I just keep buying them. I do not buy expensive knives, even though I love them. I don't have a shop with tools, but I recently lost 15 pounds of brown rice. Brad finally found it in an almost empty rubbermain...
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    Kokatat Launch Socks

    I like the idea. Thanks for posting.
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    Just joined from Texas

    Welcome! Great video. Nicely edited.
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    Recommended Fishing gear for Marshall-Kap

    Thank you, all!
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    Recommended Fishing gear for Marshall-Kap

    For those of you who have been there, what kind of fish did you catch and what kind of lures were you using? I plan to be there late July and into August.
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    2022 Western Pennsylvania Solo Canoe Rendezvous

    That sounds just about doable for me. I am not good in crowds.
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    2022 Western Pennsylvania Solo Canoe Rendezvous

    Nice! About how many people were there, do you think? I may try to get there someday.
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    Photos of Portage / Canoe Carry Signs

    From La Verendrye:
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    Hi from upstate South Carolina

    Welcome, Dave. We are happy to have you join us.
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    Photo of the day

    Just got back from the Upper Suwannee. A few pics for now.
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    Richmond, VA river accidents

    What is a "float?" The women were on floats, per article.
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    Do you see a lot of wildlife on canoe?

    In south Florida, you can see all manner of water birds, gators, manatees and dolphins. Paddling in the 10,000 Islands, I’ve had dolphins come right up to the canoe to look at me. Also otter. Frigate birds if I’m lucky.
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    Photo of the day

    That is SO CLASSIC! Wonderful!!!!
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    Just joined from putnam ny

    Welcome! I used to live in upstate NY. You have some very beautiful country to paddle.
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    Lake George NY Islands

    It's a beautiful area. You can also hike along the ridge on the east side of the lake. Also gorgeous views.