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    Wanting a solo canoe

    you made a fine choice, however I might be a bit biased...
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    Wiggy Bags or other sleeping bags?

    I have a wiggy's 0 deg wide mummy, very comfortable and well made bag. Never weighed it but its probably 3.5-4lbs. Anyone in the market for a high quality sleeping bag should check them out.
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    A Close Bear Call

    they probably won't leave the spray and/or weapon behind ever again
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    Poll: What do you sleep on mostly when canoe camping?

    until a few years ago always a foam pad or various brands of the latest and greatest self-inflating pads, but after a few experiences with leaks on some extended trips I gravitated back to leak proof foam pads, sacrificing some bulk and comfort for reliability instead. However, after forcing...
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    How do you make a fire when it's wet?

    lol, if the Indians had propane torches they would have used them too...
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    How do you make a fire when it's wet?

    no birch bark around these latitudes, but I generally have some vaseline soaked cotton balls in those little 2" x 3" zip lock bags you get a wally world 100 for a dollar or something along with a fire steel. You only need a tiny piece of the cotton stretched out a bit to get some air in between...
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    Removing glued in pads... suggestions

    I've had success with lacquer thinner and as dougd suggested a scraper of some kind. Contact cement is pretty resilient and more so the longer it has dried. So with or without a strong solvent expect to burn some calories...
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    Lows Lake October weekend get away

    great trip and pics
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    Who sleeps on the the newer light cots?

    I have a couple of those Byer of Maine tri-lite cot's and sleep quite well in them. Fairly easy to setup and break down. Mine are probably 12-15yrs old and still holding up fine although they don't get used as much as they did when I first got them. I still use them once in a while when camping...
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    A History of David Yost's Solo Tripping Canoes by Charlie Wilson

    kbobb fwiw, I'm not a technical paddler, mostly like that go straight guy YC referred too. I fish, hunt and camp with my Peregrine and nothing but impressed with it. Dave's hand layup looks vacuum bagged, light and tough, impeccable workmanship throughout. I bought it used from a member on this...
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    15' Willow updates

    absolutely gorgeous, now go use it and take lots of pictures to share with us. :)
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    15' Willow updates

    stunning canoe and workmanship. I like your engineering style too, will have to start saving some of those frozen pizza crust cardboards, ya never know...
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    A History of David Yost's Solo Tripping Canoes by Charlie Wilson

    hmmm, I guess based on the numbers the key take away here for the average paddler comparing possible selections in this list is get which ever one in the color you like best :)