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    Light Weight Food Canister

    I am glad to learn about this Sailor Boy Pilot Bread. Thanks WinterWarlock and Boreal Birch!
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    Your canoe trip plans, hopes, dreams for 2022

    Clint, Thanks for reminding me of the Neches. Back in the late 90's we would often come over annually for what was then called, if I remember correctly, "The Neches River Rendezvous". I'm guessing the Neches Wilderness Race is similar, but perhaps without as many beer coolers. Was always a great...
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    Video: The Origin of Wenonah Canoe

    Thanks for the video Glenn. Met Mike in '83 or '84, can't remember exactly. Fox river just out of Aurora, IL. I was up there on business, and just happened to find out about the event. It was a Olympic qualifying event. It was the first time I had ever seen pure racing. Remember the coat...
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    Bibs. Not specifically pants per your original question, but an alternative possibility. I find them extremely comfortable and less binding in critical areas when not standing. Plenty of choices in fabrics, weights, etc. for winter or summer. You can wear them with or without a shirt when its...
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    Feast On Adventure

    As a Louisiana native, almost everything we do revolves around food, and tripping is no exception. Always look forward to the meals and the time in camp preparing them. I realize that some here are more interested in the time paddling, and the miles behind, but I am in the other camp. I paddle...
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    Poll: How Whitewater Skilled are You in an Open Canoe?

    I voted intermediate. But with the "at your peak", and the "dominate" phrasing, I am voting perhaps more conservative than my ego. Living in Louisiana, whitewater always required travel and planning. The Cossatot River in Arkansas was our closest ww. The 16' BlueHole was rigged with a massive...
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    Poll: What do you sleep on mostly when canoe camping?

    Double layer bridge hammock, with self inflating pad, combined with down or synthetic under quilts, and top quilts. i am mostly a side sleeper, therefore I utilize a Warbonnet Ridge Runner hammock. And I am a very happy camper, in my RR. Weight is rarely an issue for me, (portage is extremely...
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    Cooper Pond - The Hard Way (North Maine Woods)

    Excellent trip report. The level of outfitting on that 12' pack is outstanding! Thanks for sharing your adventure and challenges! Bill
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    Ordering Minicel on-line?

    Mike, I have used these folks for various types, shapes, and density of foams, mainly utilized for acoustical room treatments for my audio system. They also offer Cross Linked Polyethylene, in density weights of 2, 3, 4, and 6 lb, with thickness choices of 1/4" up to 4", and choices of sheet...
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    Post-Migration Fund Raiser is On: Please Contribute!

    No one actually "escapes" transaction fees. When friends and family is chosen, the fees are added to the amount specified to be sent, thusly paid by the sender, as opposed to being absorbed by the seller on a "goods and services" payment.
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    Post-Migration Fund Raiser is On: Please Contribute!

    Success. PayPal must have corrected the issue. No misspelling or incomplete, as the address was copied and pasted. Even used the same initial copy and paste without refreshing, and they took it the second time. Also used the same paste on my post notifying you. Sent as a friends and family...
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    Post-Migration Fund Raiser is On: Please Contribute!

    Glenn, just tried to send via PayPal. copied and pasted ctrippingnet@gmail.com and attempted to send. PayPal blocked attempt, stating ctrippingnet@gmail.com was not recognized. Thought you should know there is some sort of issue. Bill
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    The first canoe you ever PADDLED and the circumstances

    My GodFather had a camp in the early fifties, on a cypress lake in North Louisiana, and never said no when I asked if I could go paddling. My folks arrived late one day to find their 5 year old paddling alone in and out of the cypress trees. It was a narrow cypress board boat, homemade, and fell...
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    Not Maine but nice plan B, ADK Low’s Lake

    Enjoyed your trip report. Seeing your canoe tripping.net tee shirt reminded me to get mine out and see if I can still fit into it:oops:. Biggest Doug had was an XL, when a 2X would have been preferred. Nope, still fits like a hipster would like, and apparently I am still an old plump guy...
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    My quest for the best custom made ottertail paddle in the world

    Thanks Glenn for the insight on paddle choice criteria. Leaning towards wood as of now. Got to thinking about how I can't stand synthetic stocks on guns, so the lightness of carbon may not override the need to feel comfortable in hand, especially in winter. Would you mind after it arrives...