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    Beware of that extra coat showing blotchy spots on the hull. Sometimes a Mechanical bond is more visible than a Chemical bond.

    I experienced this years ago. It could have been Blush, it was a long time ago.

    Keep your paddle wet, and your seat dry !


      Click image for larger version

Name:	7A8C64E2-9293-47C9-875F-123C7B5A8E0F.jpeg
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ID:	102114 Just wanted to give a quick update.

      I finally got a chance to get back to the canoe project! Ended up sanding down the outside again and putting on another coat of epoxy. Went back and forth if I should do it or not and finally decided Imto do it although it was probably unnecessary, but I wanted to make sure it was all sealed up.

      As far as blotchy spots? I really don’t see anything obvious. I did use a roller this time and that turned out to work well. When I tried using the roller the previous time, I was seeing a lot of air bubbles so just used the brush instead which I put on too heavy and had a lot of runs, but that’s all taken care of now. After this last coat dries, I did notice a few minor air bubbles the size of pin holes, but all in all I’m pretty happy with the outcome as they are only noticeable because I was looking for them. Plus, I’m thinking the varnish coats should make it even less noticeable. Wishful thinking most likely : /

      Today, I finally build my cradles and turned over the build for the first time. I would have liked to do this sooner, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to work on it for awhile and didn’t want the sides to cave in without the support of the station molds, so I left it on the mold stations until now.

      Im hoping to get to sanding the inside this upcoming week. I did try to do a quick test spot on the inside sanding, and it looks like my ROS isn’t going to be the best way to go at it. I did just order some new card scraper and a smaller hand plane that should help a lot, but I’m assuming that most of this is going to be hand sanded. Obviously that flexicat or a conditioning roller would be perfect for the job, but they just seem abit pricey for a tool that won’t see much use.

      Any “insider tips” or homemade tools that work well?



        The inside is always a pain !

        I've made home made scrapers, wrapped sand paper on chunks of Pool noodle. But honestly, I use a 5" ROS with a variable speed. I've purchased several over the years, and I really like the Bosch variable speed ROS. about $60.

        Warning ! ROS will leave swirl marks, especially on the inside ! When you think you are done with a ROS, go back and hand sand with a Pool Noodle wrapped in sand paper ! Trust me on this !

        Last tip ! Hook up a Shop Vac to your sander ! It will sand better, and help save your lungs !

        Hull looks nice !

        Good Luck Terry !

        Keep your paddle wet, and your seat dry !


          At first your picture looks like somebody got smashed by a canoe. I’ve resorted to using 60 grit on the RO sander in the flat areas, then wrapping some 60 grit around a pool noodle and go after the rest. It seems to go fast enough and isn’t that bad unless you have lots of dried glue blobs. I intend to buy some nice scrapers before my next build that will hopefully make that easier. Like Jim says, you could clean up any swirl marks with 80 grit.



            Tumblehome adds to the frustration, sanding the interior, but I sure love a solo canoe with it !

            Keep your paddle wet, and your seat dry !


              Wear a good mask to filter out the dust, a pair of goggles so you can see without filling your eyes and a pair of headphones to preserve your hearing
              Dont worry about leaving swirl marks from sanding they will be obscured by the weave of the cloth that you DON’T add fill coats to
              more resin will only make the inside more slippery under foot and heavier on your shoulders
              it won’t be any stronger
              See stripperguy's photos