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    I just use the good old green rubber boots with felt liners. When I'm winter camping, I take another set of liners, and dry the damp ones out at night in the tent with the wood stove. -28 C here today, as long as I keep moving, my feet are warm. Ice fishing is a different story.


      I went ice fishing in MI a couple years ago and my buddy said his feet stayed warm in Iceman boots, but they are so huge I can't imagine moving around much.


        Steiger muks for me at 10F and lower. I like that I can pull the liners out and keep ‘em warm in the bag. They’re light and flexible and don’t feel like a box of rocks in the bag. Not much use for canoe trips though.
        My canoe can beat up your kayak.


          What Mem said!
          i am a Land Surveyor and spend a lot of time outside at all times of the year.
          I have tried Grebs, Sorels, Helly Hansen’s but the best boots I have found for winter in Canada are Kamik green rubber boots with a lined shank with felt liners and felt insoles. The laced up closeable tops keeps snow out; the rubber keep your feet dry and the felt liners keep your toes toasty!
          On a possibly unrelated note- personal experience has found it easier to stay warm in minus 40 Celsius/ 40 below F in northern Alberta than at minus 5 c in Southern Ontario.
          in Northern Alberta at those temps there is no moisture in the air and in fact the sun is warm enough to allow me to remove gloves to write field notes.
          Coldest and most miserable I’ve ever been was doing a survey job in shadow of the Skydome in downtown Toronto one February in 1998.

          Loving the minus 20 c afternoon in St Albert- only 3 months till paddling season.

          ( Mike, I paddled the Sturgeon River March 31st last year. One of the first open waters in the area).


            Aah I wish I had a use for Stegers. We use mountaineering snowshoes.. those abominations of metal and teeth. Especially with the non existent Climate Change breaking through on ice requires some degree of waterproofness. And a sole to protect against those crampon teeth. Everything down here is up and down and usually has icy spots though we have a foot of snow. Over ice.. And tonight going to be frosted in ice.
            Today we got to 55 and the ponding of water on ice is impressive. Tomorrow 7.

            BlackFly try some new felt liners. My Sorels are not only clumsy but too dang hot.


              This is today, -35c, blue bird sky!!!
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                Outstanding time to be out, right after a snowfall. Everything is so quiet, peaceful. The snow in the evergreens changes the whole feeling.


                  Don't know if it's appropriate to resurrect this thread, but we have had four straight days of fog, with a gentle breeze. The trees have been covered with rime. Finally this morning, the sun came out to produce the proverbial sparkling winter wonderland in east central Saskatchewan.

                  Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_0752.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	226.5 KB ID:	104029

                  A beautiful morning to walk the dog.

                  Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_3339 2.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	216.1 KB ID:	104030

                  This is why Kathleen and I moved from rainy Vancouver to the prairie sun.

                  Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_3346.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	255.9 KB ID:	104031

                  Note the statue of Mad River's "Confident Rabbit" in our planter-box-Royalex Explorer. We loved that boat.
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