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First time Stripper Build (nervous yet excited)

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    It's the beginning, and a very nice beginning. You'll need to build a solo now, and as your family grows larger, a bigger canoe, and then a couple of different styles just because you like the's a disease!


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      Patchfly, that strip boat is awesomeness! Thanks for sharing the pictures. Barry
      My canoe can beat up your kayak.


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        I enjoyed viewing your photos and walking you through some of the process, glad that you're pleased with your results. It is a pretty boat!!
        I built my first canoe when I was 21, and can't seem to stop. Now, as I continue to get older, I find I need boats that suit my paddling preferences and physical condition. I carried my 62 lb comp cruiser to Fish Pond, with a full pack as well, when I was in my 20', not so much.
        My next boat will be a J Winter's Kite, hoping to keep it under 25 lbs...we'll see.

        So now what? Are you ready to build the next one? You can never have too many boats, you know.

        Oh, and welcome to the club. Congrats!!!
        See stripperguy's photos


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          Thank you all for the compliments!!! I am absolutely loving my new canoe. It's so stable, I can stand up in it, with no worries of tipping. Great for fly fishing! I can't wait to explore lots of lakes with the family. We have all ready hit a couple, the short time it's been completed. Oh, and with my new found wood working skills, Im building a loft bunk bed for my little guy, as a surprise for his upcoming 6th birthday. Should I fiberglass it???