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    I eat one of those bars with almost every breakfast and have taken about every type bar mentioned except Conk’s Monk-made stuff. Cliff Bars, sweet/salty/chocolate/nut breakfast bars, Crumbs-Everywhere Nature Valley granola bars.

    None of them are too bad, but none are all that good either. I’m not sure what kind of bar I’m looking for; not too gooey-chewy (Cliff bars), not to too sweet or salty (many breakfast bars) not crushed in the barrel crumbs in my beard (Nature Valley granola bars).

    I usually bring a couple different kinds, maybe I need to switch up the usual suspects and try some that I have passed by in the grocery store aisle. At least they’ll be different.


      re: crumbs in my beard
      My favourite snack to wear (on my shirt on my face on my lap) are homemade date squares. They basically consist of a date mixture shmushed between layers of crumbly oatmeal mixture. Yes they're as messy as they sound, and as good and not at all too sweet. But if you don't have chipmunks swarming your campsite you soon will.

      c=cup measure, F= degrees fahrenheit, tsp=teaspoon measure
      Combine 1 c dates and 1 c water in saucepan and simmer until thick, then let cool.
      Preheat oven to 350 F.
      Mix 1-1/2 c flour, 1 c brown sugar,1/4 tsp baking soda, and 1-1/2 c oatmeal (large flake) and work in 1 c butter.
      Pat half of mixture into 8x8 " pan, spread date mixture filling over oat mixture. Top with remaining oat mixture.
      Bake for about 45 mins. Cut into squares when cool.

      I am sure you could healthy these up by reducing the sugar and adding nuts and seeds.
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        I'm partial to Nature Valley Sweet n' Salty (Cashew) bars, The Almond are good too but I worry I'm going to crack a tooth on them. I take 2/day but I rarely eat that many because I started taking the Nature's Bakery Fig Bars (Costco), they have more calories (sugar) and I like sweet.

        20 years ago I paddled with a guy who loved on Clif bars, I tried to eat one and gagged but I still take a few with me, I just returned from a three week trip with my stock of Clif bars intact, those bars have now been out on the water for about 100 days but I will pull one out when I'm on a marathon day and am fading. Never use "gorp" but do eat a lot of nuts plus (but separate) my own special mix of dried fruit (10 - 15 different fruits all chopped up small) and chocolate bars (real stuff NOT "candy" bars).

        Once again on this last trip I ate my tube of Pringles at the motel the night I got off the river!


          I'm really not one of the energy bar guys. I have been making and using my own receipt for deer or beef jerky. Years ago a guy gave me a receipt for deer jerky that was so easy to make and so good. I'll put it in sandwich bags and keep it in my shirt pocket for a quick snack. If I don't have jerky I'll use small chunks of cheese and pepperoni in a sandwich bag.