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Poll: How much sex have you had in a canoe?

Poll: How much sex have you had in a canoe?

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I think we just crossed into the too much information category.....or the twilight zone, not sure which.
"round", "big", "nice" — how about "callipygian"

Bet you've never seen that word on a canoe forum before. Or anywhere.
The extreme bimodal distribution of the responses is ... interesting.

Clearly there are few Real Canadians on this forum.
Gosh, I have been avoiding this thread, for the whole "gentlemen don't tell" idea. I guess I'll follow in the footsteps of my good pal Bill, Bill Clinton that is, and say I've never had sex in a canoe.
. . . Memaquay . . . is a real Canadian, in every way.

You mean he buys everything at Canadian Tire, hangs out most of the day at Tim Hortons, and mainly likes to ingest poutine covered with maple syrup and Canadian beer, while playing hockey naked in sub-freezing weather? No wonder he's had no time for the topic of this thread.
Much more than those piddling things! You forgot to mention “The Plaid Prancer” gigs, taking a bunch of school kids on canoe trips year after year required a lot more courage & commitment than anyone on this forum has demonstrated. Speaking of this forum, we are all richer from his posts over the years. I for one should never have signed up if it hadn’t been for his posts.
I doubt that his small town has a Tim Hortons. The poutine I’ve had was slathered in gravy, not syrup & beer. School District policy requires all students & faculty to wear helmets while playing hockey.
I too have wasted time that I don’t have a lot to spare in this life on this topic.
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My canoe sex, or lack thereof, depending on perspective, falls under the Canoeing Regrets thread. Neither of which I feel inclined to describe.
Yet. All I can say is there's a haiku in there somewhere and I'll be darned if I can keep it rated G.
Just in case anyone interprets posts differently, I interpreted UCanoe's post about "real Canadians" as a joke about a silly stereotype, and I was jokingly mixing together a few more silly Canadian stereotypes in my post about our beloved Memaquay. While this entire thread is factually grounded in the history of courting canoes, anyone is free to consider the whole topic as silly and joke about it, as many have.
I don't see anything wrong about having a lighthearted conversation about a lighthearted topic.

BTW, would having sex on top of an overturned canoe, swinging your Tilley hat around over your head while yelling yaaahooo, count?;)